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Leaders within radical Islam learn to use WOMEN as victims to advance their agenda!

Posted by mrfixit on March 27, 2011

As farfetched as this may seem, stay with me on this.

We know the in Muslim culture women are basically treated like property. This is not opinion it is fact, look it up.

We also know that radical Islam celebrates martyrs, celebrate suicide bombers, even put bombs on children, and women to kill infidels.  We know this, it has happened.  

Some warned that there is now a clear connection showing the strange bedfellows of the Radical Socialist, Communist left and forces within Radical Islam.  Even this seems odd on the surface, but look at their common enemy: Capitalism, freedoms, INDIVIDUAL rights.  Then it starts to make more sense.

Well in Egypt there were historic protests that included women!  Yes, they were there but your ineffective agenda oriented media did not bother to question why.  Well, about 2 years ago there were protests where there were women killed by Mubarak’s security forces.  Since them women were very much part of the protests that did not just spontaneously appear.  This was in the works for years.

Well, they also did not tell the world about the widespread abuse of the women that were protesting AFTER Mubarak stepped down.   We did hear about CBS Laura Logan, but only days later, and we did not hear about the widespread attacks on the other women that also took place.

Now it appears the radical Muslim Brotherhood is likely to take over, and now it starts to make sense.  These women protesters were USED!  The radicals let them participate to get exactly the response from the west, the fooled us.  As soon as they seized power they went back to the abusive evil use of force to suppress women!

Now there appears to be a similar situation taking place in Libya.  There was a women that claimed to be severely abused and raped by Gaddafi’s militia, and that is very believable, but she managed to escape, aided by unknown elements, then managed to find her way to the hotel where the western media were having breakfast then began to relay here horrific abuse story to the media.  Then to even play it up better the Gaddafi thugs whisked her out of there and off to an undisclosed location.

The next day rebels in Benghazi had posters and protests ready to take up the cause.

Now it could all be coincidence, the story is believable, and Gaddafi and his thugs are certainly capable of this kind of evil, but it is also way to convenient that this sequence occurred the way it did.

Add to that the well known fact that it was WOMEN in Obama’s administration that dragged Obama in to the cause to protect the rebels, and then it makes even more sense.

I don’t doubt this women may have been so abused, but I also wonder if she were in fact set up to be so abused to make this cause for the western media! 

The Al-Qaeda forces within the rebels are NOT above such abuse, these are the same types that put bombs on children and women, and these are the same types that celebrate death, and suppress and abuse women all the time.

They are also not above using one enemy to destroy another enemy, and that is exactly what we have here.

It is interesting to note this, but you will not likely see this kind of analysis in the news, they will buy the propaganda and play right along as useful idiots and in so doing they are being used by some very evil people to advance whose agenda?  Not the agenda of individual human freedom and truth, that is for sure, they are knowingly or unknowingly supporting the forces of evil.

Women protesters in Egypt Abused AFTER the fall of Mubarak:


Women shouted down in protest AFTER Mubarak:


Women protesters interviewed by western media BEFORE the fall of Mubarak:


Protesters Killed in Egypt back in 2008:


American Radical Left, Cindy Sheehan,  in Egypt in 2008, helping the Muslim brotherhood:


2008 Labor strikes in Egypt:


Marxists celebrate the use and abuse of women to foment revolution in Egypt:


US State Department works with rebels to incite revolution in Egypt:


Woman who tried to tell the western journalists of her horrific rape attack in Libya;



2 Responses to “Leaders within radical Islam learn to use WOMEN as victims to advance their agenda!”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    “They are also not above using one enemy to destroy another enemy, and that is exactly what we have here.”

    And they know how to turn the right knobs to get the U.S. to fight their battles for them. They must sit in their rooms at night and give high fives all around for having once again got the gullible U.S. to fight for them.
    If this illegal action in Libya is for humanitarian reasons to prevent a “massacre” why aren’t we in Africa bombing a tribe to prevent a “massacre” there?
    I don’t put any stock out of stories coming out of the far east except for those coming out of Israel. You are right about the rape story and I never believed it from the start and our media eats it up and spews it out to us like it is the truth. They wouldn’t know how to do an investigative report since they are so wrapped up in obama defence.

  2. […] https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/leaders-within-radical-islam-learn-to-use-wom… […]

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