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The Progressive Left Loves for you to have a Waiting Period when it comes to the 2ND Amendment, but they go berserk when a waiting period is imposed to slow the decision to kill a baby!

Posted by mrfixit on March 23, 2011

It is time to choose sides.  There is good, and there is evil in this world.

The most effective trick we have been fooled by is to assume evil does not exist, and to think everything is relative, it is NOT.


How can a 72 hour wait, some serious consideration of the consequences and education about alternative choices by so bad?  Answer it is not. 

The problem here is that Progressive lefties want more people to use abortions, not only is it lucrative and funds their network, it creates many more like minded people, people who likely feel some guilt about having an abortion, but also do not want anyone to judge them for that decision, so they support the ones who make not judgment, and actually ENCOURAGE the decision they made. 

That does not make it right, but if your side is built on a foundation of lies, you need to get as many as possible to live in lies also so you can keep up than illusion.

South Dakota is taking a principled stand here, and I think they deserve credit on this.  The foundation of our system of government has to be protection of INDIVIDUAL; God given rights from those willing to disrupt of extinguish human freedom.  What member of society can be more innocent than the unborn?  And how can we be so callous to assume that the rights of some deserve no protection so that we can make it convenient for others?

Pro-choice needs to end at the decision to conceive or not to conceive.  After that it is one individual’s rights vs. another’s and government should treat each as equal, which means protect the right to LIFE of both!


Related: Idaho bill to stop abortions after 20 weeks passes Senate, expected to pass house and be signed into law:


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