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Mankind will never “lose” religion and faith – it is programmed into our very existence, so then why are some saying it may become extinct in 9 countries?

Posted by mrfixit on March 23, 2011

Well, they say this because they associate “religion” and God with ORGANIZED Churches and established religions.

It may well be true there is a decline in those churches and religions, but NOT true that mankind no longer believes or has faith in higher causes or purpose.

The saying goes, when man loses a belief in God, he does not lose all belief, rather he is subject to believe just about anything!

And so it seems we see this trend in this study.  The belief in Man-Made global warming, or climate change is a good example, but to cut it down to its roots, the belief in the power of Mankind alone to fully and completely control his own destiny.  That is a belief for which there is NO solid evidence to support!  We do NOT know from science exactly how life began, and even the most advanced technology of mankind is crude when compared to the complexity and genius of the most basic forms of biological life forms from “nature”.  How can we have such faith in man, when there is so much man does NOT know?

The next extension of that is the false faith and belief in the protection of Government (a creation of man).  Too many have come to believe in the ability of their government to protect them and to provide their basic needs.  This is a trap, and Katrina and many other disasters have demonstrated how foolish this faith is, but it still has its followers.

In discussion with a liberal once it was made clear to me just how pervasive this is.  The young woman thought there must be, had to be a government agency in charge of verifying the eligibility of candidates for political office, she was sure of this, but did not know what agency, or how this would be done.

I pointed out to her the folly in this.  If such a government agency did exist, there would not be a need for an election at all, since that agency would be all powerful in government!  This hit her, and she then realized that the only “agency” that actually had this duty was “we the PEOPLE” it was the duty and responsibility of EACH voter to be informed!

In that we see our current crisis, as we have become collectively ignorant, faithful to any number of false idols, faith in ourselves, not obedient to a higher calling – to God, we have become selfish, greedy, complacent, and we are about to pay for that.

It is not that we no longer have beliefs or faith, but rather that our beliefs and faith are now too often in foolish pursuits that can and do often do lead to our own demise.

Wake UP America!  We were founded on divine inspiration, and we became prosperous and powerful upon this foundation.  Now that we have allowed that to erode, we are facing a total collapse, isn’t this enough proof to allow a serious inspection of our own systems of faith?


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3 Responses to “Mankind will never “lose” religion and faith – it is programmed into our very existence, so then why are some saying it may become extinct in 9 countries?”

  1. Tia said

    No, it’s a sign that people are finally growing up & starting to question this BS in favour of scientific method.

    • mrfixit said


      So you must have all the answers with your scientific method then, so please share.

      How did something as complex as life come from nothing?

      The most complicated man-made machine is STILL crude in comparison to the most basic forms of life.

      I happen to know a few things about the “scientific method”.

      For starters things that cannot be proven by repeated experimentation which produces consistent predictable results, then it is not really “science”. At best it is theory, but even then much is pure guess work.

      It takes hundreds, even thousands upon thousands of engineers and years of work to produce the “complex” works of man, as an Engineer I deal with this every day. Some of the seemingly basic level components take enormous time, study and effort and even then much of what man makes is still with significant errors and flaws.

      There are specialists in the study just parts of the human body, doctors that spend years to study even just PART of the human eye for example. Even then there remains much they just do not know. It is that complex.

      But we do have some who would suppose they are SO SMART that they can explain it all came from some kind of “big bang”.

      So is that like causing an explosion in a junk yard and having a jet airplane appear from the rubble? Yes, that is a decent comparison.

      So, those that would assume an intelligent designer might well be using a more scientific approach, since the “complex” creations of man take enormous effort and knowledge, the so too one could conclude would the complex systems of life on this planet.

      Personally it would take much more FAITH and less “scientific method” to believe it all came from nothing and somehow worked out so well.

      But you are free to choose that “faith” and that is what it is. It is a form of religion in itself, and some might say one that takes an even more incredible set of logic to believe, but it is your choice.

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