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Economic Terrorists (SEIU) Plot to Collapse the US Economic System to Regain Collectivist Power! (This means collapse YOUR Savings, 401K and pension plan!)

Posted by mrfixit on March 23, 2011

When will the masses of Americans rise up and put a stop to the nefarious plans of the radical left?

Some of us have been aware of this for some time, but we have been mostly ignored when we attempt to warn people.

 Now yet another warning, this one includes tapes of organizers for some well established powerful unions, and the open discussion of their plans to destroy our economic system.

 If you think this is not you, think again… Do you have money in the TSP, 401K, stocks, or any retirement system?  If so the value of your money and the investments it is tied to will succumb to this collapse if it is not stopped by wide distribution of this plan.

 The only way they fail with this plan is if we all know the game they are playing and refuse to be fooled by their propaganda.

 I’m not saying the banks and bank CEOs are innocent, but the system the have control over involves your savings as well, and corrections need to be made in a controlled and measured manner, collapsing the system into chaos is NOT a good idea, but that IS what these people want, and what they will get if not stopped.

 To point to an example in history, the US was founded by revolution, but we maintained much of the functional parts of the old English system, even much of our system of laws and traditions to this day are rooted in old English law, we sought to correct the bad parts of the “system” not destroy it and start over.

 Compare that to the French Revolution, which is similar to what these people want.  The French Revolution became a nightmare and bloodbath that ended with a tyrannical dictator: Napoleon.  France is now largely irrelevant in the world, and the US is still most powerful, even if in decline.  Which path worked?  It is obvious. 

How will this attempt end? – Well with history as a guide, it is NOT GOOD.  So we stop this by being informed and REFUSING to accept or adopt the agendas of those that are attempting to use us to DESTROY the system and plunge our economy into chaos.

 We don’t destroy, we REFORM and RESTORE.  We have systems of law and order, and a Constitution to protect. 

 Inform yourself and as many others as you can.  Copy and send some version of this warning to all who you know so we can each do our small part in stopping this effort.





Meanwhile your mainstream media does its best to IGNORE an obvious plot to destroy the US Economy, likely because many of them agree with this plan!


MORE (29Mar11):

Not backing down, but charging ahead in PUBLIC with his plans!



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