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Racist Group sets up an ambush for the AZ Attorney General

Posted by mrfixit on March 22, 2011

So much for civility and respectful dialogue…  The left demands that of conservatives and the Tea Party, then lies and says we are dangerous, violent and racist.  While at the same time it is THEY who are dangerous, violent and Racist!  A classic case of projection!


More (22Mar11):

Same racist group, the Hispanic version of the KKK, La Raza (it means the “race” by the way), they are now asking members of congress to sign the pledge, so they know who is with them or against them!  Sounds like a threat, and I bet it is.  Those that do not sign will be targeted.  Those that do sign are spineless fools and do not deserve any office of respect.  This would be the same if it were KKK asking for the same thing! 



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