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Chaos is not limited to overseas, this in Panama City FL, note the violence in this one, and who the perpetrators are, as well as who the victims are. Hate motivated?

Posted by mrfixit on March 22, 2011

I have NO doubt that if the situation were in reverse with this kind of barbaric behavior it would get noticed as a likely “hate” crime.

Meanwhile this likely gets no play in major media and stays confined to the blogs, and in that we’ll see the agenda that is unfolding, the agenda to CREATE chaos.  We can’t have people wake up and figure it out too soon you know, they must be lulled to keep them unaware and asleep as the fundamental transformation takes place, with the plan that when they might later figure it out, it will be near impossible to recover.


More (27Mar11):

Of course it is all somehow the fault of the employees at this Burger King, yes that is entitlement taken way too far, but there are those that stir this exact type of behavior and thought to achieve their goals of power and control, those types are known as union bosses and Democrat politicians.


Also, it looks like the designated victim to file the complaint demonstrates no clear race motive, however, the person that followed the attacker and pointed the perpetrator out to police…. well, you can read that yourself to get an impression on this one. 

At least the Panama City Police tracked this down and did their job, I’m not surprised, I once attended some training with some police officers in that town, and they seemed to be very professional.

More (28March2011):

What a surprise, the perpetrator lied about her real name, and has a long list of prior violations of the law!


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