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Whatever happened to Weinberger/Powell Doctrine? That was only get involved with clear objectives, then take decisive action to win and then get out. What the heck is the plan in Libya?

Posted by mrfixit on March 21, 2011

Those who fail to learn from mistakes in history are condemned to repeat those mistakes, and it often results in bloodshed of some of the greatest amongst us.

This is the Casper Weinberger Doctrine that came out of deep analysis of what went wrong with the way we dealt with Vietnam:


Well, again we have incompetent, arrogant and ill-informed liberal, left wing, progressive Democrat as President and again we repeat the same mistakes that were part of the Vietnam nightmare.

Even with the mistakes of our politicians, our troops paid the price, and then still won the battles, we lost about 55,000, the NVA lost over 2.5 million in that bloody conflict.  It was our politicians that lost the war by their inconsistency, lack of commitment, lack of clear purpose, and eventual cowardly withdrawal which brought on genocide of our former allies. 

We don’t have to guess how this will develop; we have history to inform us, it is not good. 

We have not learned from our mistakes, and even those that did learn, they did not effectively pass those lessons on, or those that came later where just too ignorant to learn.

So when will the Obama supporting General Colin Powell come out and make the rounds in the press to object to our intervention in Libya?  It is clear from his version of the Weinberger Doctrine that Obama does not understand these principles.


Oh, that is right, Powell a supposed long time friend of McCain who already decided that Obama’s skin color was most important in selection of a President (well, there is no other explanation since Powell cannot cite any issue upon which he felt Obama was more qualified than McCain).  I guess that would also permit him to give Obama a pass on this giant mistake…. That and the progressive McCain is already out there in favor of this action which has no clear objective or understandable justification.  The case has not been made, this was a snap decision, likely done so as to not interfere with vacation plans and to get HRC off his back!

And then we have this, Obama wants to erode our national security and disarm, even our Nuclear Weapons and Ballistic Missile defense, all while KGB Putin is speaking at a factory for production of Ballistic Missiles about the need for Russia to expand its military, and to inflame the world against the US military now involved in 3 fronts in the Muslim world!

Of course this also helps Russia as a MAJOR oil exporter!  Any means to reach an end.  What else should we expect from a KGB guy?


Then we have this, a DEMOCRAT congressman saying that Obama violated the Constitution!


Well, shouldn’t he be calling for impeachment?  Yes, if he believes what he says.  Of note, GW Bush did seek and obtained Congressional approval for the actions in Iraq, so this actually does not directly compare.  It was discussed and debated over an extended period of time, plenty of time for Saddam to prepare for what came, in fact. This Democrat Congressman specifically notes there was plenty of time to seek wide approval and to have discussion on this with action in Libya, but that did not happen.  I actually think just the debate might have made Gaddafi more restrained in his use of force on civilians, even before military strikes, maybe that would have solved the problem…  but no, and now Obama is now on his own, since he did not have a Congressional debate and approval to give him cover!

Why did it take so long to wake up?  Obama has been acting as if he were a King since he was elected, even before taking office, but only now do Democrats start to figure this out?  I guess late is better than never, but WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?  I bet nothing, but I’d love to be wrong.

In stark CONTRAST to the actions of President Obama, Sarah Palin, the woman the left loves to hate and tries to tell us in so stupid visits Israel and seems to clearly understand the root of the issues involved with unrest in the Middle East is all about – provocation and conquest on one side, and an often naive attempts to negotiate peace interrupted by restrained defensive acts on the other.

Sarah Palin visits Israel:


Again a contrast, the supposedly brilliant VP, Joe “Bite-me” Biden on his effort to prevent presidents from doing what Obama just did, will he come clean? No way.  Restrictions only apply to others, when in power, guys like Biden will not abide by any limits, Constitutional or otherwise. 


The only consistency of the “progressive” elitist is their pursuit and protection of their status and power.  Every other cause is transient and inconsistent.

More (22 March 11):

Where in the US Constitution does it provide that the US Military can be hired out, or permitted to be controlled by foreigners?  It is NOT in there, but our current CINC is too busy on vacation to do his job, or more like he is not qualified and has no clue how to do his job, so he hands over control of our military to a political steering committee of professional surrender artists?!

Well, if his goal is to achieve the destruction of the USA, then he is at least effective on that one, but nothing else.

There are some good comments on this one, and in particular the comment that it is long overdue for our military officers to resist unconstitutional, illogical orders.  The take an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and each day it seems there is more and more evidence that our worst enemies are domestic, and even in the leadership of our own government.  The Oath was meant to provide a final layer of protection from total Constitutional destruction, somehow I think that is where we are now with this, but sadly we have too many political leaders, even within our military.  They are more concerned with their own positions of power and career’s that they have no courage to take a principled stand that might expose them to bitter resistance and baseless attacks from those that have infiltrated the government and are destroying it from within.  There is no future power or protection for their careers if they let this happen, it is over.  It is time to do the RIGHT thing, no matter how difficult it may seem.  


More on Obama’s chaotic war:  no one knows who is in charge; let alone what the objective is.  Obama starts a war, then votes present!  Some warned about this, but few listened…


It may well be that the forces against Gaddafi are worthy of our support, but if that is so, then the mission needs to be CLEAR, and objectives known, and then given a clear command and control and leadership, with an obvious objective of removal of the murderous tyrant, but that seems to be too much to ask from the man-child President.  (We can ask about the NCAA brackets in college Basketball however, he has that all figured out!).

MORE (23 March 11):

So Biden said he’d make it his business to impeach a President that went to war, in the way Obama just DID!   So, where are you now Joe?  What a hypocrite and moron…


Another liberal Democrat with serious doubts about Obama’s Libya experiment:


This is INSANE!  Obama: Gaddafi must go (yesterday), then, Obama: Gaddafi can stay if he makes reforms.  (Today).  What will it be tomorrow?  Maybe tomorrow Obama will offer to share power with Gaddafi and let him write some executive orders, why not?  It is just as crazy!



4 Responses to “Whatever happened to Weinberger/Powell Doctrine? That was only get involved with clear objectives, then take decisive action to win and then get out. What the heck is the plan in Libya?”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    Good post. Covers all the bases. I have to wonder what the term “civilian” means in an uprising. Is there a distinction made between a rebel and a civilian to obama and the media? I think not. “Civilian” is a red herring in this unconstitutional fiasco.

  2. Dave Dahlke said

    One other comment. What is the definition of a “massacre” to obama and the media? Some of us consider that the Fort Hood shootings was a “massacre” even though it appears that obama and the media don’t. Then there is what was called a “massacre” in Serbia when the Human Rights Watch was saying that there were 10s of thousands “massacred” there. Of course, this proved to be a total lie. So is Human Rights Watch lying again in Libya?

    • mrfixit said

      Good points. I think the problem here was the Obama did not want to do anything, I actually think he likes Gaddafi, but it was not looking good when Gaddafi starts acting crazy like he is, so after trying to calm him down and failing, at last minute Obama caved to pressure from HRC, who really wanted this. Now we have incoherent mission: Stop the murdering madman from his ways, but it is OK to leave him in power? – Lunacy!

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