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We were warned, but few listened. This is not over, it is a start, prepare now! Cost of living goes UP, your standard of living goes down…

Posted by mrfixit on March 17, 2011

Too many prior posts on this, search (on left margin of this page) if you want, look for:  collapse, inflation, etc, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  And I’m not the only one sounding the alarm either.

Well, now even CNBC has picked it up, Cost of living at record high:


Final thought from this article: “Bottom line: The cost of living for Americans is now above where it was when housing prices were in a bubble, stock prices at a record, unemployment low and consumer confidence was soaring. Something has gotta give.”

Food prices continue to rise, gas prices continue to rise, electricity and energy prices continue to rise. 

Your paycheck shrinks, if you are fortunate to still have a job!  Oh, and the left wants you to pay HIGHER taxes!

And the dollar continues to lose value…

Don’t make the mistake and think this all came to be by accident, it did not.   The plan was to bring the USA down to make things more fairly distributed in the “New World Order”. 

It worked because too few stood up to stop this; they were laughed at, ridiculed and ignored. 

History repeats, Winston Churchill was famous for warning of the coming Nazi menace in the 1930’s, and he was also ignored and called a nut.  Chamberlin thought he could negotiate peace with an evil mad man, well… Surprise, Churchill was correct and ignoring his warnings cost millions of lives.

Now we have a President who thinks he can negotiate with terrorists, Iran, North Korea, any diabolical regime, and yet we are warned to not let them build nuclear weapons, but we do not act.  We have a modern day Chamberlin at best.  

It will come, one day soon a Nuclear weapon to detonate in Israel or the USA, it is just a matter of time.  Again millions might die because we collectively fail to heed the warning signs, preferring a continued blissful ignorance.  Blissful ignorance is not harmless, it incurs extreme danger, and we are getting closer to feeling the consequences – big time.

Thanks Obama and Obama supporters, this sure is some change…

WAKE UP America!  We must stop this, NOW.

MORE (22 March 2011):

Europe is ahead of us, and look at the factors that are preventing Portugal from recovery and then note how very similar this situation is to ours!  This is another test case for the Soros crowd, but the big prize is yet to come, and that will be the USA.  Brace for impact, it is coming here and so far any attempt to stop this train has had little if any success, far too many remain ambivalent, wallowing in their ignorant bliss.


Oh, don’t take my word for it, finally CNBC reports:  US is facing insolvency!


More (27Mar11):

Portugal nearing implosion:


EU could be next:


And DO NOT Think we are somehow much better off, in fact we are WORSE:


Then what is keeping us from collapse?  The world largely uses our currency as a reserve, and they are bailing out as fast as possible, which is why the dollar is in decline.  When a replacement is had, our money will be near worthless!

I and others have been sounding this alarm for a while now, but far too many continue lives of ignorant bliss, but that is about to be disrupted, in a big way…



More (28March2011):

And they Called Beck Crazy when he started to warn us and encourage consideration of Gold as a hedge to inflation!

Now CNBC, and the worlds reserve bankers are a bunch of crazy kooks as well! 


More (28 Mar 2011)

Food price increases hidden by the shrinking package!


More (18 April 2011):

As predicted and on schedule, the world moves to drop the US Dollar, and when it does, MASSIVE collapse and implosion for the USA, and this is what Obama-Soros wanted, this is THEIR plan, this is the get even moment, and the new world order in its final stages of implementation!

Many, even most slept right through this and will wake up and be too late to stop this, our collective ignorance has been used to force us into collective misery.  The new standard for the world will be Soviet/China type tyranny and misery.  Thanks liberal/progressive and ignorant blissful citizens for bringing us this “utopia”!


Then there is rising prices despite oversupply of oil!  OPEC cuts production when prices are near record highs….

Oil Prices continue to rise in oversupply?  Well, could it be the falling value of the us Dollar at work….  Well yes, I’ d say that is a factor! 

We are being fleeced from within, by the out of control spending with valueless money, we are destroying ourselves from WITHIN.


And, if that is not enough, check this out: “Ratings firm Standard & Poor’s cut its outlook on U.S. government debt to “negative” from “stable” for the first time in history,”

Yep, that sure is Change, Thanks Obama!


One Response to “We were warned, but few listened. This is not over, it is a start, prepare now! Cost of living goes UP, your standard of living goes down…”

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