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Watch the other hand: As we focus on Japan, we are about to evacuate the US Navy’s HQ for the 5th Fleet in Bahrain! This is being agitated by Iran, and Saudi Arabia is next. What will that do to your Gas price? Try $8/gallon or more… Oh, and IRAN grows STRONGER in all of this…

Posted by mrfixit on March 17, 2011

The rest of the world is on fire, taking no break to comprehend the catastrophe in Japan.

Now it is looking very likely the US is making moves to evacuate its 5th fleet HQ in longtime ally, Bahrain.  Looks like we are about to cave on yet another ally of the US in the Middle East.  We already turned our back on far less than perfect Mubarak in Egypt.  


Many don’t realize it, but the Saudi King was a friend of Mubarak, it was a great insult to the Saudis when we threw the Egyptian leader under the bus, now we are making moves to do the same in Bahrain.  This is not helpful to Saudi, which also has Yemen and Iraq with rising chaos on its borders.

Bahrain chaos:



Yemen chaos:


Iraq chaos:


However, Iran, that just launched a “capsule” in earth’s low orbit is loving all this action. 


(By the way as one that understands nuclear ballistic missile technology, this is the SAME technology as putting a “life capsule” in orbit.  This is cover to placate the useful idiot lefties the world over to cover for the clear and repeated calls from Iran’s whacko leaders for destruction of Israel and the USA.

Then we have protests at Saudi Embassy in Tehran:


This is all working directly into the plans of the Iranian whacko 12th Imam regime.  Think about that, when the people rose up in Iran, Obama said nothing helpful, but encouraged continued cooperation with the radical regime leaders, but then quickly threw Mubarak under the bus and supported the uprising there, and then in Libya, another repressive regime, it is now over 30 days, and Obama has done nothing substantial to help the people against a brutal leader who actually ordered and supported terrorist acts and murder of US citizens (Pan Am 103, Lockerbie Scotland).

Even HRC, is working to get Obama to do something to help the rebel forces in Libya, but so far nothing while they are slaughtered by air power (the protesters in Iran were also brutally treated, we did nothing):


Even better, this one suggesting tension between Hillary and Obama is hiding high:


The only way this makes sense is if Obama is rooting for the Iranians and Quddafi, I know it sounds crazy, but can anyone figure out any other way to explain this?

Obama did once say that energy prices should necessarily skyrocket is this way to get that done?

Here is what happens to oil prices if Saudi goes into chaos:


So what is this going to do to a fragile world economy? – CHAOS, DESPAIR, VIOLENCE… Change, fundamental transformation of the world order (actually now DISORDER seems most accurate)… Thanks Obama, finally a campaign promise delivered, but did you know this was the change and fundamental transformation he had in store?  – No?  Didn’t think so…  Don’t be fooled again!


Crisis in Middle East:

More in Yemen:


More in Saudi Arabia:


More on Bahrain:


More in Libya:


Here is one for you the media will try hard to ignore, Sarah Palin was CORRECT on many things, and called it like it should be in Libya, and like I said this parallels a big mistake GHW Bush made in Gulf War 1.   Don’t underestimate Sarah Palin, it is the lame stream media that wants to fool you into thinking she is not smart, but shouldn’t people begin to figure out they are being played for fools, and stop participating in that game?


In stark contrast, will our media ever figure out that Obama is likely the weakest most ineffectual President and leader of the free world we have ever seen?  Doubt it, they are so in the tank invested in this empty suit…  At least Jimmy Carter can smile and now know he was not the worst after all, Obama saved him on that one!


But at least Obama WAS willing to re-start MILITARY aid and training with Libya, yep as recent at 2010!


More (20March):

Add Syria to the list:


Saudi Arabia:

Well the attempt to buy submission by the King is not working, as predicted.  This is only a start…


MORE (22 March 11):

Like I said Iran is driving the unrest, here an Iranian website solicits for bombers in mission in Bahrain:


MORE (22 March 11):

More fingerprints of the fanatical regime in Iran, and we do nothing…

Iran sends weapons and ammo to protestors in Syria:


Protests grow in Syria:


Don’t think Egypt is over, it is not.  Protesting police, agitated by left wing union organizers are on scene as a government building burns (coincidence? maybe)! (Recall the police that protested WITH the union thugs in Wisconsin, this is not coincidence.  The same “organizers” are organizing in BOTH locations!)


MORE (23 March 11):

As predicted, and warned about, Muslim Brotherhood predicted to win in Egypt!

Remember the progressive media saying this prediction and outcome was crazy?  Who is really crazy?

Crazy is progressives that think they can do good by making alliances with those that do evil, THAT IS CRAZY!


And as predicted, violence is rising with more terrorist attacks on civilians in Israel.  Recall the Hamas is backed by IRAN.  Iran’s whacko leader is behind this chaos, it is what he thinks is needed to bring back the 12th Imam, and he thinks he is back!  Meanwhile we are helping out Al-Qaida in Libya?


More (16 Apr 2011):

It is shaping up to go down as I warned it might, WAKE UP PEOPLE.  If I can figure this out, so can our leaders, then why are they on the WRONG side?  (Perhaps they want this to happen!):


More (17 Apr 2011):

Not just Iran getting stronger, but our great “friends” Al-Qaeda are making out quite well, so then why did our President say this was a “good” thing….

And even ABC has finally decided to report what some of us knew many months ago…



4 Responses to “Watch the other hand: As we focus on Japan, we are about to evacuate the US Navy’s HQ for the 5th Fleet in Bahrain! This is being agitated by Iran, and Saudi Arabia is next. What will that do to your Gas price? Try $8/gallon or more… Oh, and IRAN grows STRONGER in all of this…”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    On the issue of Iran, I believe we should ignore them. The goal of Iran is to intimidate the U.S. into attacking it. Iran believe that it must be attacked in order to usher in the 12th iman. The U.S. attacking them carries out their wish.

  2. Dave Dahlke said

    On the issue of Iran, I believe we should ignore them. The goal of Iran is to intimidate the U.S. into attacking it. Iran believe that it must be attacked in order to usher in the 12th iman. The U.S. attacking them carries out their wish.

    On the issue of Libya, I don’t believe putting the rebels in power will be much improvement, if any, over what is now there. Who are the rebels supported by? Muslim Brotherhood?

    • mrfixit said

      I’d be inclined to agree about leaving Iran alone, EXCEPT we should NOT let them get Nuclear weapons or nuclear power (they go together). If it takes military action to stop them (like Israel did to stop Saddam Hussein’s program) then I say we need to do it.

      This is not the Soviet Union, there is no deterrence from Mutually Assured Destruction. Iran WANTS it, like you say, so if we don’t stop them before they have nuclear weapons, then we’ll have to do it later AFTER one of our cities and millions of innocent people are dead.

      I wish I could say it is unlikely, but it is not, in fact if we continue to do nothing it is virtually inevitable.

      As far as Libya goes, to some degree I would be concerned about who came after as well, but the rebels have openly been begging for international support. There is a good chance that IF they got some there would be a foundation upon which to build a good relationship after Qaddafi was gone, but after we encouraged them to rise up, like the Shia in Iraq after first gulf war, and also like that case we stood on the sideline and watched the brutal dictator use air power to massacre mostly civilian populations. One of the reasons the recent Iraq action was so slow was the very hard feeling left over from the survivors who felt they could not trust the US to protect them, and not until the surge did we overcome much of that.

      It is embarrassing that we leave it the French and British to handle this, but maybe it is good in a way to get other nations to take on some of the world’s police duties, but we are not showing leadership, and that IS the essence of Obama.

      • Dave Dahlke said

        This is a good article on the illegal action ordered by obama:


        I still find it troubling that the “Great Satan” is called upon to fight the muslim battles. What do we get for it? Just more terrorist attacks and hate. I just read that Saudi pilots will be coming to Idaho to train. What’s with that? Now we are not only fighting their battles we are training our enemies.

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