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Mutually Assured Economic Destruction: The possible end of Freedom and Capitalism (freedom based economics)

Posted by mrfixit on March 15, 2011


This is not a new concept; it is not the first time I have come to realize what is happening in the world.

Let me be very concise, it will take miracles to avoid what now appears inevitable.  So the most important thing to do is pray and prepare for difficult times ahead.

Don’t mistake this for doom and gloom, it is not.  Prayer and miracles can work, and it HAS worked many times before, we may not realize it because we have been conditioned to think miracles are like fairy tales, but they happen all the time, and every day, and no matter how advanced and smart we humans think we are, we have not even scratched the surface into a real understanding of how we got here and what may come in the future.

To get back to the topic where you might start to see what I’ve been talking about, and the title: Mutually Assured Economic Destruction.  Why? 

Well many forces and many agendas have been working for decades to create an impossible system – A system that would attempt to create a world utopia.  Many supposed wizards of smart have foolishly assumed that if just given enough power, organization and control over the masses, they could somehow forge a utopian world.  Yep, they think they are just that smart, but it is not so.  Mankind is condemned to WORK, toil in the fields for sustenance, suffer with child birth, etc.  That is not to say life must be constant misery, it is to say the notion that somehow we can have it all and no one has to WORK to provide is impossible, but yet that is the system sold to many which seduces them to support an impossible cause!  Mankind was directed to work, and from work and respect for each other and our station and proper place on earth, we can find happiness!  But to deny this truth is to sow the seeds for disorder, anarchy and chaos.

It may be hard to imagine that Communists, Marxists, Anarchists, Corporate CEO’s, Radical Islamic Clerics, Race division Antagonists, Organized Labor Leaders, Narcissist Politicians, Hollywood Celebrities, College Professors, Gullible students, Impoverished People in Tyrannical States, on and on – it is hard to imagine that somehow these diverse groups can all be working in unison to “change” the world.  What can they all possibly have in common?

Well, within these many groups are two types: Those that organize and lead who think they can create a utopia (or claim this, but actually know it is futile but useful to gain power and control over others, like Saul Alinsky and his followers), and the useful idiot, who doesn’t really know the real agenda, but likes all the cool slogans and popularity that can be gained by association with the masses of other useful idiots.

I don’t mean to say all those in this are either master manipulators or idiots, there may be many that really mean well and try to do what is good, but just are not informed enough to realize they are being used and that the RESULTS of their efforts are actually counterproductive.

The key component to pull this off is a very limited and committed “elite” class that knows the real agenda, but keeps it hidden, and the masses of the manipulated that think they are fighting for a noble cause, like democracy, but that is not really the end they would achieve, but they don’t even know it.

To get masses that could be so used you need a very controlled system of knowledge, and that must be centrally controlled.  The system we have with publically funded, government run schools works quite well!  We turn out graduates that have really high self-esteem, but low knowledge.  I contend this is ON PURPOSE.  This creates fertile soil to grow the masses of useful idiots to build the movement. 

So, then how do we get the elites?  Well, they rise in the “system” and are identified for their commitment to the cause and ability to organize and lead others, then invited into the system by others already there, and then kept on that plantation by rewards for staying committed to the cause, and punishment if they should stray.  Think of how the CEO’s, Politicians, Labor Leaders, etc all are groomed and kept on message, and then how those that defect are set up for personal destruction an ruin in this system.  That is what I’m talking about.

It is not monolithic, there are divisions, but in general it is elites vs. the common man set up, and those that best control and organize the masses end up with the spoils.

Ironically this is how we get agitation amongst the masses, on one side against the corporate class, on the other against the government class, and these sides form the Left and Right, but the battle put on before us is often just for show to keep us distracted.  In reality the corporate elite and Government elite are working out deals with each other out of sight of the public!  They are playing us for fools, and if many actually ARE fools, it works quite well!  How many of the Left who are agitated against corporate greed have any idea or clue that their “leaders” are making deals with the same people and corporations they are told to blame for their misery!  Yes, the Obama Administration with its close ties to organized Labor received record cash support from the corporate elites!  How can that be?  Just as I said, they are the elites; the battle is only a show for us, it is used to control us….

I’m not making the case for class warfare – no, that is NOT what I mean by elites.  Not all elites are rich in money; many are rich in POWER, which is more effective than money.  Some government bureaucrat or union boss that makes a fairly normal salary might have enormous power in regulating many aspects of your life, and that is what I’m talking about.

It is the attitude that assumes to know better than you how to best run your life.  That is the elitist mindset, and that is what the leaders of this movement have in common.  The followers have in common the nature of accepting direction and inferiority to the elite, a willingness to blindly accept a path charted for them, or a propensity to be easily deceived, hence the general term – useful idiot.

The majority of people instinctively crave freedom; they want to have the ability to improve their lives, provide for their families and be respected.  But this only works when in mass we protect and preserve the freedom and rights of others as well, limited in our freedom by SELF-imposed barriers that prevent our infringement on the freedoms of others.  This was the basis of the American Experiment.  A limited Government meant to do the bare minimum, while allowing the citizens to have maximum freedom.  The further away from this we have gone, the worse our condition has become.

In order to restore the system that brought us great opportunity and improved circumstances of human existence, we need to restore that foundation, not change it into something that is not only impossible, but into something history has shown over and over leads to tyranny and mass human misery.  The collectivist utopia the elites are selling you is truly a nightmare of epic proportions.  Do not fall for that trap.

The uniting principle MUST be that of true human freedom.  FREEDOM, but recall my previous post, Freedom REQUIRES personal responsibility, and personal responsibility on a mass scale MUST be in place before a true large scale experiment in freedom can work.  Because without personal responsibility any experiment in freedom becomes a free for all anarchy where the strong abuse and trample the freedom of the weak. 

Post on Freedom and Personal Responsibility:


Ok, sorry for the long explanation, but it often REQUIRES a deep understanding and context to fully comprehend the larger message. 

Here is how this ties back to the concept of Mutually Assured Economic Destruction:

The world’s economies are so closely tied that when one takes a fall it will create a domino effect for the others.  Our standards of living are based upon the highly efficient systems of production and the abundant sources and affordable use of energy resources.  Despite all the supposed economic wizards out there, VALUE is still created the same way it has always been created: By WORK.  When a worker performs labor upon a raw material and produces a finished product, he adds value.  When energy and technology are used the value added is multiplied making more value, and permitting higher living standards.  ENERGY is essential to permit: high productivity manufacturing, agriculture and ALL forms of value CREATION; this forms the foundation which permits improved living standards.    

What happens when the 3rd largest economy takes a serious hit: The situation in Japan, then it ripples into many other economies and erodes the basis for our standard of living?

Energy prices have been increasing, and that affects each and every level of production.  Food prices have been rising.  Now the crisis in Japan has caused the German government, EU’s largest economy which is keeping Europe afloat in their Debt crisis, well they are shutting down 7 of their 17 nuclear plants.  What is that going to do to their productivity and economic health?  NOT GOOD, and a foolish move by desperate politicians.


The largest buyer of US debt, has an even larger debt to GDP ratio than the US! and that would be Japan, so how are they going to fund recovery efforts? 

While the massive Earth Quake and Tsunami were random acts of “nature” the economic system is deliberate, as is the foolish decision to shut down 7 Nuclear plants in Germany.  I’m NOT saying we should stop free trade, but I would say we should not permit massive out of control DEBTS that are actually the most dangerous element of a coming collapse.  The results of the manmade disaster(s) in the wake of what happened in Japan will likely have a much more devastating effect on circumstances of human existence, but these foolish decisions are made by emotions, or by the false assumption that these elites can somehow create a system of worldwide utopia.  That we can have it all and not work: that is the root of the massive Debts we have internationally.  Our belief in lies and the impossible is about to collide with truth and reality, and it will be a painful RESET.

That is how this ties together, and as long as we permit our leaders to be of the sort who attempt to play God, but not honestly honor and serve God. (I can accept a more secular version for those that defer to higher power and who honestly accept the role of a leader as a humble servant of their fellow man – which ironically is basically how scripture teaches us to honor God! – By true service to others!  Amazing coincidence, or is there something more at work? – you decide).

This is why I would recommend prayer, because in that condition you might find the humble station that was meant to be, and from that humble station comes personal responsibility, which then permits human freedom, and human freedom creates prosperity and improved standards of living, but it MUST be done in this order.  It does not work any other way, and history proves this, over and over. 

This is shown well by the sharp contrast between a God centered revolution which created the United States, and the Godless French revolution which became an evil nightmare mass-slaughter which ushered in a tyrannical dictator!

How much more does it take to comprehend this truth?

More (23 March 2011):

Germany overreacts and vows to get out of Nuclear, watch for a collapse of economic prosperity in Germany to follow (it already happened in Spain!):

Here is the quote that sums it up: “which experts say will likely lead to higher electricity prices.” And that means a LOWER standard of living!


(What is really sad is that eventually look for the French to be selling electric power to the Germans!  Yes, France has lots of nuclear power; it is perhaps the only thing I can think of where the French actually show some initiative!)

More (27Mar 2011):

UK has 500,000 in protest that was violent, this is the “Coming insurrection”  Note the communists are proudly carrying their flags:


Germany falls to the Green Party, expect an industrial meltdown like was seen in Spain, and Germany will no longer be able to keep the freeloader nations of EU afloat:


More (29 March 2011):

To make matters worse, now the UK signals the likely stall to new Nuclear Power plants, further crippling the economic recovery of the EU, meanwhile Iran, North Korea, China and Russia continue with Nuclear… This won’t end well for Western Civilization; the stupid WILL be punished…


Far reaching decisions are never well advised in the midst of a crisis, and without the proper perspective, but it seems we have far too many now predisposed to irrational, emotional decisions.


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