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Freedom must be coupled with personal responsibility. Erosion of personal responsibility destroys freedom.

Posted by mrfixit on March 13, 2011

This has become a self-evident truth observed from life’s experiences.   This is something that far too many people these days just do not comprehend.

To make my point let me apply it to some scenarios and then it will become quite clear.

First let us consider the many states that now have laws which require the rider of a motorcycle to wear a helmet.  Personally use of a helmet ought to be common sense, but at the same time others are not directly hurt if someone is willing to accept the risk, and willing to cover for the possible consequences, then it should not be the prerogative of society to impose requirements that protect the individual from them self, however we DO just that, but WHY? 

Well this demonstrates my point.  Since we have become so accustomed, and our society now demands we provide for potentially costly care for head injuries and maybe even lifelong care and benefits to an injured person, even if it was by their own acceptance of risks we might deem unacceptable, then because of our now assumed obligation to cover for the consequences, we then gain an ability to impose controls over our version of acceptable risk.  As a society we then gain the even the ability to impose requirements of how other individuals are to be protected from risk, and at the same time we lose our own individual freedom since we are then permitting control over in our lives by supporting a system where we would impose upon others and this begins the loss of freedom for all.

This is a very dangerous cycle indeed, but we see it all the time.  At the root the common thread is the uncoupled personal responsibility from our own freedom, and then the loss of freedom which results from the subsequent restrictions which protect us from ourselves.

We see this all the time, the motorcycle helmet is only one example, but we see this with ever increased safety requirements on cars, the restrictions on prescription drugs, the illegality of some drugs, the constant push for gun controls, the efforts to control our diet, energy use laws, on and on.

As long as society continues to diminish personal responsibility, and is willing to compel by force the responsibility of all to provide coverage for poor personal choices of individuals, then we have an interest and need to restrict freedom to limit liability and control costs! 

This is also the means by which the progressive works to seduce mostly the young and the ignorant to jump on their band wagon which leads to the very demise of their freedoms.  They attempt to sell the notion that someone else is responsible for all their wants and needs.  Someone else is to provide the well paid job, shelter, food, you name it.  They claim to have an answer to it all, and it always seems to have a common thread which erodes or outright destroys any notion of personal responsibility, and in the end it becomes tyranny.  At some point if they are to succeed, there will be no freedom left.  They will attempt to control everything so they can try to provide everything, and in the end there is not enough to go around and there is no real freedom remaining. 

People that lived in the Soviet Union know well how this works, but how have we come to be on a road that would lead to that same place?

Well…Our progressives have been quite effective in seduction of our young, entrapping many people under the control of union bosses, and generally pushing this seductive but impossible scenario of freedom without personal responsibility.  It is time to stop this destructive trend, it is time to take back personal responsibility, and from there we must seek restoration of our freedom. 

It is important to do this in the correct order; personal responsibility must precede a restoration of freedom, because freedom without personal responsibility becomes anarchy.


This story illustrates what I’m talking about.  Now the mom of the bully thinks her son was a victim, no acceptance of responsibly for having an out of control child, which explains how the child became such.  No personal responsibility, it is always someone else to blame.


It was not that long ago when school administrators would seek to determine who threw the first punch so that the initiator of violence was punished and the defender was not.  Now we punish BOTH, and that is the problem, no responsibly, so what does this breed?  A fertile ground for bullies, and that could explain why the problems are getting worse.   This is what liberalism/progressivism breeds.  They are foolish enough to think they can talk down evil and it will work, but that is foolish, it allows evil to flourish.  Evil is only kept in check when it is deterred with FORCE, or capability and willingness to use force when needed to stop and deter future violence.  This is why we have armed police and a military, but to liberals/progressives they don’t comprehend, which is why they like to demean the military and police.

This not only applies on the school yard, it applies at the international level as well.  The left liberal progressives can’t seem to see the difference between the Axis of evil, Iran, North Korea, Al-Qaeda and the peaceful powers of the West.  They think we are all equal when tension or hostilities break out, and think we all deserve punishment, especially the US, because by are existence they assume we are the bully!   Now we can see as the bully problems grow in the school yard, they are also growing internationally as the West sits by idle and the Bullies like Iran, North Korea, and Al-Qaeda taunt the passive but more powerful militaries of the west. 

It is long past due for a body slam of this axis of evil, but apparently we don’t have a President with the will to do the right thing, I somehow get the feeling he enjoys the destruction of America, it is what his friends and associates have sought for decades to achieve, his biggest source of funding and indirect support, George Soros actually said as much!  Now it is happening and at breakneck speed and he does the basketball brackets on ESPN then heads on vacation to Brazil!  NOT likely a mere coincidence.

So if we just recalled a Mayor in South Florida for not doing his job, fired the entire city council, mayor and other officials in Bell CA for ripping of the people and not doing their job, then how much more evidence do we need to realize it is time for Congress to seriously consider action to remove another elected official in the White House who is not doing his job…   I’m not sure 2012 can come fast enough to have much of a country left to save at the rate things are going.  I hope I’m wrong.

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