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Inexplicable Discrimination directly violating “Equal” Opportunity in the Military

Posted by mrfixit on March 12, 2011

There is a much longer story and verifiable data that backs me up, but first let me start by pointing out that my efforts to have this addressed in the confines of the Navy chain of command have been extensive.  I have 22 MB of e-mail correspondence, official letters, official documents of reference, etc.

Going public with this is a last resort after trying other methods; I did skip the step of contacting an elected representative, however.  This because my representatives have not responded to my previous letters on other topics, and they are clearly likely to favor and endorse this system of un-fair discrimination that I have discovered, since it gives special protection to one of their most committed and well funded special interest groups, I have 3 very liberal-progressive types that I am quite sure will not only NOT assist, but likely even use any provided information to engage any number of efforts to silence the messenger.  This is what they do; it is all about power, attaining it, growing it, and protecting it.  Even truth and what is right is to be attacked if needed when it is a threat to their retention of power!

So with the introduction made, here is an attempt to summarize the situation:

–          The military has numerous medical standards and qualification for entry AND retention.

–          The military rightly claims to be and works to be in favor of “Equal Opportunity”

–          The abuse of “medical” standards can be used to deny opportunity at entry, force an early separation, and even limit continued opportunity while retained in a duty status.

–          The ability to perform physically and by actual merit based performance can be totally dismissed and ignored by the use of inexplicable and very lengthy reviews which impose significant limitations, sometimes dragging out over many years.

–          The interpretation of “medical” qualifications for duty and retention is very subjective and can vary widely from one medical “expert” to another.

–          Injuries or illnesses that are incurred when in a duty status are eligible for medical care benefits and disability pay, IF they are not the result of misconduct.  If one specifically does not follow orders to take reasonable safety precautions and/or wear protective gear it can be the basis to deny full medical coverage and/or benefits, and that can also lead to a separation or even additional administrative actions, including even the denial of VA benefits.

So with all of the above verifiable facts, then try to explain this:

–          There is a DoD level instruction that requires special protection to those that become ill with one somehow “special” medical condition/illness.

–          This condition can NOT be used by itself to force an early separation of any kind.

–          This condition can NOT be used as a basis to conduct a line of duty investigation; it is ALWAYS to be considered in the line of duty.

–          This condition is NOT curable, it demands constant medications and extensive medical care to prevent deadly consequences, but with modern medicine can be treated to a full life expectancy.  Typical treatment costs about $30,000 per year.

–          This condition can be contagious to others in the right conditions and requires medical personnel to exercise extreme caution.

–          This condition AUTOMATICALLY is eligible for full VA medical benefits to cover all medical costs, it can be basis for even disability pay if the condition degrades over time, even to be used to grant 100% disability if the condition degrades significantly.

–          This condition is almost always the result of a very risky private lifestyle, one that is actually not permitted under the UCMJ, but is not currently being enforced.  The cause in this case is most often then due to clear misconduct, but it is not permissible to even consider this, and the cause is also most likely NEVER associated with actual required duties.

So, then what is the “special” protected condition that each and every taxpayer is now obligated to fully insure and pay for benefits for LIFE?  What kind of condition should we use to ensure continued full career opportunity, no early separation; no questions asked as to how this illness was obtained, we are to accept the consequence and expense AUTOMATICALLY and never consider possible misconduct, in any situation…

What can be so protected, so important to make sure YOU pay, all while we specifically don’t pay and cover for other injury and illness when misconduct is involved, but here we can’t even be permitted to ask…  What can it be?  Well if you have not figured it out yet, it is HIV.  Yes, since this is closely associated with the male homosexual/bisexual lifestyle, it somehow must be protected!  (And for those that would say this is a false connection, then I submit that you are saying the US FDA is working on a false connection? They prohibit blood donations from those who participate in this risky behavior, and that is because the US CDC data shows about 57% of all cases of HIV come from a tiny 2-3% population of folks that engage in this activity, that is a STRONG correlation, and one that the mainstream media does not want you to know about, why?)

This is driven by powerful, well funded, and well organized political force that claims to want “equal” opportunity, when in reality they really want special and protected access to opportunity.  They want to make YOU pay to insure the risky lifestyles they somehow enjoy.  They want MORE than equal opportunity.

This is not right, but it is what is in place right now, and my efforts to solicit an explanation or acknowledgement even of this problem within the Chain of Command have been ineffective.  Sadly far too many “leaders” are just not courageous enough to stand up and acknowledge this problem.  They far too often are spineless and will cave to whatever agenda comes there way all to further their own personal career path.   That is NOT Honor, Courage and Commitment.  Maybe commitment could fit, if it is to their personal goals and the attainment of a comfortable accession in the ranks.  Why then would we take an oath of office to the Constitution if we are not supposed to exercise sound judgment and are expected to take principled stand for what is right, even when in the face of powerful forces which are pushing a destructive agenda?  I’d hope that our military would not violate the Constitution, even if ordered to do so, but upon what basis?  What if the order was from legitimate authority, but was still wrong?  We expect our military leaders to take a stand and provide forceful, respectful resistance and uphold the Constitution which protects our citizens.  History has shown that abuses have occurred, and they happen when our leaders fail to stand up for what is right and instead act upon what they think is easiest to further their own careers.

The truth has no agenda, and if we do not fight for what is right, then what have we become?

More data and sources will be added below.

(This is a topic that requires deep understanding and knowledge to fully appreciate the gross injustice that is taking place right now. )

Much longer more detailed account of how I came to discover this issue: Medical Saga Post – Copy

DoD Instruction the demands the “special” protection:


Prvious Post:


More (03 Aug 2011):

Trend continues, VAST majority of HIV/AIDS remains associated with tiny section of society, about 2% still accounts for well over 60% of ALL new cases!

Quote from the article:

“While this group represents 2 percent of the overall U.S. population, they accounted for 61 percent of all new HIV infections in 2009.”


(By the way this kind of honest reporting on this subject will likely be available only for a short time, I expect this link to quickly become inactive, which is why I quoted the relevant point).


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