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Real EQUAL Opportunity: NOT a guarantee of EQUAL outcome. Any system of force used to attain a specific outcome CANNOT be EQUAL, it would use blatant discrimination. Two wrongs do NOT make a right.

Posted by mrfixit on March 8, 2011

As usual this “study” attempts to determine the cause for un-equal outcomes and makes the flawed assumption that the results are somehow proof of unfair discrimination. 

There is no certain cause and effect; there are many factors that affect the outcome.  Even a perfectly Equal Opportunity based system would NOT automatically result in Equal outcome.


One thing that is consistently ignored when such studies look at differences in gender outcomes is the vast differences in the recruitment numbers, and the retention numbers.  Fewer women join, fewer women stay for a long career, and that by itself explains much of the gap.  There are many and complex reasons retention rates are vastly different for men and women, but it seem obvious the most significant reason is the very tangible difference when it comes time for children and family considerations to enter the picture.  Through FREE CHOICE many women choose the higher calling of children and family over career!  The notion that lack of combat assignments is somehow to blame is just not plausible as a relevant basis for this.  This piece is not designed to deal in truth, it is all agenda oriented.

Now, when it comes to the supposedly horrific 77% of leaders that are “evil” white men, well it might be relevant to compare that proportion to the society at large, and there you might just find that about 75% of the population is white across the nation which is also in DECLINE, since women have lower representation in the population at the “military age” groups, lower recruitment numbers, and even lower retention numbers, they’d likely not rise into leadership positions in great numbers in any case!… So one might then ask: What is the problem? 

Here is the Census data:


Now if you REALLY want to know what is going on, then ask why the numbers for white men are not HIGHER, because the recruitment of minorities is even lower than would be expected as a portion of society, so the very fact the leadership is even a close to a match actually suggests there is very real and very successful efforts to promote minority races into leadership positions, since they seem to have an even BETTER chance than the white male!!   But to say that would not be useful to those seeking to gain power from fomenting racial tensions, now would it?  There is no effective or significant white-male special interest group, so there is nothing to gain from it….


This is yet another attempt to push an agenda, this all part of the anti-white male mantra that seems all too common these days. 

If you really want to know the details, this report has the data, charts and analysis in great detail:


I’d be just as outraged if the mantra was an anti-green female agenda, the very fact that the basis for this is based upon gender and race in the first place is the PROBLEM.  We can’t get beyond systemic race and gender discrimination by AMPLIFYING these very differences!

This, as usual, is done to divide us, to “rub raw” the sores of discontent (Saul Alinsky), even create such sores if they did not even exist previously, and it is all to pit groups of people against other groups with the real purpose being to empower the LEADERS of such movements.  The actual individuals that participate are mere pawns in all of this.  This must stop, but it takes the “pawns” to wake up and to inoculate themselves with knowledge and truth so that they are not made “useful idiots” to support the nefarious plans of the would-be “masters” who aim to profit off the very same tensions they actually create.


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