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It is not just Wisconsin, it is a battle to protect an Individual Rights based Society against the tyranny of a Collectivist transformation into chaos. Don’t just be a spectator, be part of the solution – get involved.

Posted by mrfixit on February 26, 2011

In case you have not paid attention to what is going on in Wisconsin, it is really dangerous.  The Unions are behind an effort to transform this nation into a collectivist/communist like nation.  There is much more at stake here than just a budget.  If they are allowed to prevail, it will send ripples throughout the land. 

 I strongly urge you to get involved, and to do something.  This is the battle for our freedom; it is battle for civilization verses chaos and violence.

Take a look at what the protestors are doing in Wisconsin, it speaks for itself.  Is this what you want the nation to look like?  I’m sure you all would say no, but this IS what the union boss thugs want, it is who they are. 









And Many, Many more examples….

It has not been well covered in the media, they have an agenda, but the real reason there is such an uproar is the bill in WI would stop FORCED collection of Union dues from the state employees, it would allow the individual members to pay or NOT, and it would require an annual secret ballot vote of members to remain or ditch the union!

Now the fact that at most 40% of teachers in the most left wing strong holds participated in the “sick-out” means that at least 60% did not, or are likely not happy about the union, so it stands to reason if given the option to opt out of the union and its dues, they would.

That is the REAL reason the Union thug bosses are pulling all the stops to fight what the Governor of Wisconsin in doing, and by the way he is doing what the people who elected him want!   It was part of his campaign!

This ultimately is the small union thug bosses verses the taxpayer majority.  We can’t let the union bosses win, we must be actively part of the resistance!

The petition below is Washington State focused, but I’m sure you can find a similar action in your state as well, and I’d hope you at least take a few minutes to do so.  The message must be shown in bold and clear terms that the vast majority of taxpayers will not stand and be forced to pay for union boss excesses and blatant waste.


More Violence on the Left:



Getting enemies lists for what?  Well I’m sure it is not for legitimate reasons:



Even in Left leaning New York, the people do NOT support rules demanded and put in place by UNIONS!

Yep, in large numbers the people disagree with the last in first out system, and prefer a PERFORMANCE based system!


More (22 March 2011):

Teachers that get 90, yes 90 sick days PER YEAR in Wisconsin!  No wonder they were so upset, this kind of boondoggle for people that work only 180 days a year is truly an outrage for the taxpayer!


Then we have good ole SEIU, basically a criminal outfit, surprise that it came from the same roots as ACORN.  Here a business finally stands up to their thug tactics:


And for full context, this seems to be a very PROGRESSIVE company by their own profile, but still a target for SEIU thugs for extortion.  They have no moral foundation at all, it is all about POWER, they only respect power, attaining it, growing it, and protecting it.  If SEIU will attack a progressive company like this, do you think anyone is safe from their tactics?  No way.


More (31Mar11):

Union Thugs, Support us or else, that sure sounds so nice….

Has the Tea Party done anything like this…. No, they have not.

Good Vs. Evil, which side are you on….


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