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Allen West for President!

Posted by mrfixit on February 23, 2011

***Update:  His official website: http://www.west.house.gov/, Also correction on first name, Allen, not Alan *****

I’ve followed his campaign and many of his previous speeches.  This guy is the kind of no bull, tell it like it is, LEADER that we need to guide us through some really tough times ahead!

His dealing with a CAIR heckler in this short video is AMAZING!


More (21March 2011):

More excellence from Allen West! (With impression of Dingy Harry Reid!)


More (24 April 2011):

Go to his website and URGE him to run for president, we need him, and the fact he is not asking for it only makes him an even better choice!  Think George Washington, he also did not want it, but did it out of obligation to serve…


List of great Allen West speeches:

Allen West correctly calls out Obama, and does NOT back down:


Allen West answers the question other politicians are too timid to tackle, and he says it like it IS:


How American women need to raise courageous men willing to protect and defend this nation:


Stand up and fight for victory together, and tells it like it is, how Democrats are intent on making victims to control society:


Fight against a tyrannical government, an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC:


On illegal immigration (fall of Rome partly due to illegal immigration):


On the foolish repeal of DADT, Allen West calls out the effort to squelch dissent of those that would object to the implementation of bad policy:


Allen West on the Second Amendment:


BINGO!  Alan West tells it how it is, the Obama regime is not incompetent, and it is malicious!


Allen West: Define the Enemy, A must for victory:


More (April 28, 2011):

Glenn Beck works to get him to run!  Keep up the effort, spread the word:


Another heckler, the Enemies of America are scared and desperate.  They know they MUST do whatever they can to destroy this honorable man, but he won’t go down easy, and he is not intimidated by their vile tactics.  Their desperation is seen in the lack of control and civility.


More (9 May 2011):

Tea Party is working to draft him!


More (10 May 2011):

Sign a petition asking him to run here:


Check out a website dedicated to drafting him for President here:


More (19 May 2011):

He corrects the absurd Obama demand that would be the demise of Isreal:



4 Responses to “Allen West for President!”

  1. Dave D. said

    This is truly a classic!!! Allen West rocks!!!

  2. BOB said

    I hppe LTC West can be convinced that the country needs him in a Leadership position. If he declines the Presidency, how about becoming Speaker – the House GOP desperately needs a leader.

  3. Billy Barnett said

    Please run for President Mr. Allen West. I know you are early in your political life but we need a patriotic statesman now not later. You are a very special American. I humbly implore you sir to open an exploratory commitee for running for President of our proud nation. I am a fourty five year old grandfather of two wonderful children. I’m white (color does’nt make the man, as I am sure you are well aware)and I truly believe you are the man for the job. Thank you for your past service to this nation. I’m looking forward to pulling that lever for you sir.

  4. Walter E. Williams III said

    We need Congressman Allen West for President! He is strong, has a solid base and doesn’t try to talk in circles. Talk about being “transparent” he would be the man.

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