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Not in the Line of Duty: Do something stupid and excessively risky and be judged not in the line of duty, but there is a glaring exception and special protected status reserved if your stupidity and risk is mostly associated with a particular protected lifestyle!

Posted by mrfixit on February 20, 2011

This is a real outrage!

I’ll get into more details later, but suffice it to say my circumstances have led me to do some research in this area.

What I have found is so outrageous, it was hard to believe a gross miscarriage of justice, equal opportunity and obvious unfair discrimination could possibly be in place and for many years now without making headlines and major news, but that IS THE CASE!

Here is the set up. The military has a long list of medical conditions that are disqualifying and that can place you in an early out or medical retirement. On the surface, one would agree there is a need for such standards, there is.  However, is it really about ability to perform the mission?

I have come to realize that is NOT always the case.  At times it is about limiting medical liability for conditions that may incur additional costs.

OK, even there, despite having come to personally be at odds with this system, I can see the logic.  As good stewards of limited and precious taxpayer dollars, the Military ought to make judgment calls about standards that limit financial obligations.

So far so good, but here is the outrage.  There is one specific case where all this caution is thrown completely aside and where risks are ignored! There is even a special DoD instruction that deals with this one somehow specially protected incurable medical condition.

That condition is HIV.

You get it and they will not force you out early, and they will accept the risks of you spreading this to others!  Even the additional cost to the taxpayer which could be as much as $30K per year for your medical care!

Yep, this for some reason is a special medical status; NO other gets this status… Why is this?

Here is some background data to show this outrage:

Note, this man begged for a longer jail sentence to keep his expensive medical care!  He is worried about his life and costs, but not so much with the partners he placed at risk…

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110119/ap_on_re_us/us_air_force_sex_case (apparantly Yahoo doesn’t think it worthwhile to keep the link active, but here is another even better link where the man begs for more prison to keep his taxpayer funded HIV treatments!) :


And from the DoD instruction 6485.01:”6.2.2. Members with serologic evidence of HIV infection shall not be retired or separated solely on the basis of serologic evidence of HIV infection.”


Meanwhile here is some information about what is and what is not “in the line of duty”:



More (03 Aug 2011):

Trend continues, VAST majority of HIV/AIDS remains associated with tiny section of society, about 2% still accounts for well over 60% of ALL new cases!

Quote from the article:

“While this group represents 2 percent of the overall U.S. population, they accounted for 61 percent of all new HIV infections in 2009.”


(By the way this kind of honest reporting on this subject will likely be available only for a short time, I expect this link to quickly become inactive, which is why I quoted the relevant point).

One Response to “Not in the Line of Duty: Do something stupid and excessively risky and be judged not in the line of duty, but there is a glaring exception and special protected status reserved if your stupidity and risk is mostly associated with a particular protected lifestyle!”

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