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Your Government is preparing for a massive crisis, are you?

Posted by mrfixit on February 16, 2011

Folks, you need to seriously consider your preparations.  While you can’t possibly prepare for anything, you can prepare for many things, and you should, NOW.  Crisis is not coming it is here, we just have not felt the full effects yet, but they are coming.


Let’s put it this way, if you are the elite, you KNOW the sustainability of our current system is impossible.   You know something with the current trends MUST change, and will change, but you want to be able CONTROL it.

So, what can be done?  Well, in previous situations in this world, a major crisis came along to change everything.  Woodrow Wilson used World War 1 to do the things he wanted to do, but could only do in an “emergency”, then when FDR failed to lead us out of the Great Depression, along came Pearl Harbor which brought us into war, and then changed everything eventually leading us out of the Great Depression, but also into the most bloody, horrific war the world has ever known: World War 2. 

So, what is likely to happen this time?  Try World War 3!  This is almost a for sure thing now as Iran gets Nuclear weapons, each and EVERY ally and friend of the US is somehow facing an all of the sudden Egypt type revolt situation.  How long before the War is in full swing?  Not long, so PREPARE NOW.

Pray for Peace, only God can help us get through this.


Even Argentina is now using the US as an unpopular straw man for their internal political affairs, I thought the world would LOVE us with Obama?  Actually they LOVE Obama, because he is DESTROYING the US!  They somehow think this will make their lives better, but it won’t, the thugs and dictators have long focused the anger of their subjects toward the US, while actually being responsible themselves for the horrific conditions that breed the anger!

Here a US Air Force Plane is held to propel an internal, radical LEFT wing political agenda:


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