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OUTRAGE: I’d even call for a Boycott of Walmart over this!

Posted by mrfixit on February 14, 2011

Generally I would defend Walmart, since the union thug collectivists radical left has made it a target in their anti-freedom, anti-capitalist agenda, but here I’m truly outraged at Walmart.

4 store employees are attacked by a felon with a loaded gun, and they act to disarm the criminal, and hold him for police, and for their quick thinking, Walmart fires them!


I’m noticing a trend even bigger than this outrage, and it has been building over many years.  Back in 1997 when I was in training to be a Navy Force Protection officer and Anti-terrorist training officer, we were told that when in a hi-jacked airplane we should be compliant and non-confrontational.  Well, even then I objected, I did not see how this could be reconciled with the SERE (Survival Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training, or the UCMJ that demands a captured serviceman to seek escape and to not AID the enemy, but I was told hi-jackings were somehow different, then we saw how that worked on 3 of 4 planes, on the one that did not follow this idiotic doctrine, the heroes of flight 93 saved possibly thousands of lives by ending the attempt to weaponize a fourth plane on an attack of our nation’s capital.

Well, did we learn, NO.  Still in the training it encourages compliance first with an archaic consideration at resistance, just in case you might be able to predict the evil madmen are going to kill you anyway, then consider resistance, like you could possibly be sure of this!?

To make matters worse, policies like those of Walmart reward the criminal, and make the rest of us pay, and I can see where the over-lawyered nature of the US contributes to all of this, but we can not and should not announce to criminals that we are all going to lay down and let them victimize the rest of us!  This obviously will invite more criminal activity, it will build to the point of massive cost and even greater damage at some point.

We should make it clear, we will reward heroes like these 4 employees, and we should encourage others to follow their lead, this in turn will discourage and reduce crime.   

Why is this not obvious to all?  I guess some live in a fantasy land build on a foundation of lies, in that worldview the come up with these idiotic ideas like Gun Control, that only disarm those that are not dangerous, and let felons like this guy continue to be a danger, with less chance of the lawful being able to quickly stop this madness.

3 Responses to “OUTRAGE: I’d even call for a Boycott of Walmart over this!”

  1. Dave D. said

    If you boycott Walmart then you must also boycott other stores such as Target and Best Buy who have the same policy. There is a reason for their policy and from a business standpoint I must stand by their policy even though I don’t agree with it. Their reasoning is if confrontation takes place there is a chance that a customer or customers could get harmed. Business is only protecting themselves from huge lawsuits so who can blame them. The blame must be put on our society which has become the lawsuit capital of the world. Criminals aren’t sued. Lawyers go after the deep pockets. That in itself is criminal but society sees a pot of gold at the end of a lawsuit rainbow and they go for it.

  2. That’s pretty sad,”policy” or no policy. Rob

  3. mrfixit said

    When good men stand by and do nothing, evil flourishes. Well that is in essence what this policy does, it restrains the “would be” heroes and rewards the criminals.

    Doing what is right takes courage, this case could have been much worse if these four heroes followed the stupid policy, and armed man would have walked into the store and parking lot, free to engage and perhaps even kill others along the way, and then do it again later. Sure these companies have policy as a business matter, but it is wrong, it is like the stupid policy of the WA state corrections to have unarmed female guards alone and unmonitored in proximity to violent 3 time rapists. The policy to have the guards without even non-lethal weapons is based on the idiotic notion that the criminal could get the weapon and use it against the guard, this is ludicrous and we have seen guards injured and killed and the unions do nothing to stop it.
    Same applies with this Walmart “policy” while on paper and to a lawyer it might make sense, it is wrong and needs to be changed.

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