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Push to Repeal DADT is geared toward denial of Reality. It is IMPOSSIBLE to Certify as required that this will not have any detrimental effect on the Military, but the brass are determined to make it work and to ignore the facts.

Posted by mrfixit on February 11, 2011

I have mentioned much of this in previous posts, but this link provides some of the same information, I’m not alone in figuring this out:


It is NOT possible to honestly certify this repeal will be without harm, it will cause harm if open service is FORCED upon the military, and that is what is in play right now.  This is being forced from top down, and the objections of the service members at the deck plates are NOT being honestly considered.

This fits an agenda of weakening the US and its military, that and perhaps the political agenda of wealthy and politically active homosexuals who are behind this, but weakening the US in the world and emboldening the enemies of the US that would have much more harsh treatment of Homosexuals is not considered for where it could lead.  Many of our enemies would stone to death these people, and we are going to embolden them, and will weaken our ability to stop them, I’m sure that wacko in Iran just loves this!

I’m doing some work a very well sourced and stiff opposition to all of this, NO ONE has a RIGHT to serve in the military.  There are very restrictive standards, I know FIRST hand of this, and some of those standards force out very well qualified and trained people early on account of some very minor issues, there is a long list of medical issues that are disqualifying! 

If the Military can deny for flat feet or childhood asthma, then certainly there is justification to have restrictions against those that engage is very risky behavior that is NOT well accommodated or integrated in the larger population in the ranks.  There is NO Right to serve for any and all “orientations” that is a complete lie and distortion that far too many people have been led to accept and embrace. 

If we can tell those with minor, treatable medical issues, to get out or that they are not welcome, then certainly we can say for less than 5% of the population that we simply cannot accommodate the special arrangements their circumstances might require.  It is NOT a RIGHT.

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One Response to “Push to Repeal DADT is geared toward denial of Reality. It is IMPOSSIBLE to Certify as required that this will not have any detrimental effect on the Military, but the brass are determined to make it work and to ignore the facts.”

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