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New Prediction: The only thing certain is we are going to see a continued rise in UNCERTAINTY!

Posted by mrfixit on February 11, 2011

So what does this mean, it means recovery from the economic woes is very unlikely anytime soon, since uncertainty stifles investment, investment stokes growth and prosperity.

People are reluctant to invest time and money when the risks outweigh possible gains, and uncertainty amplifies risk.

So, we now see growing unrest and turmoil in the world, Egypt is not unique, it is the center of headlines now, but this scenario is poised to happen in many other places in the world. 

The chaos is not by accident, it is planned, but the planners think they have control of the outcome.   They do not.   They are playing with fire, and they are also at great risk of getting burned.

This time it is somewhat different, we now have instability in the world with nuclear armed regimes, some that even have a fanatical religious agenda to actually bring on the conflict and the bloodshed, these people are dangerous, and anyone playing with them is very ignorant.

We are playing with them by dealing with the Iranian regime with kid gloves.  We have shown the thugs and tyrants that we are weak, and even the dictators we were on friendly terms with now see we are not a reliable friend, and they will seek other alliances.  The US ability to be a stabilizer in the world is almost extinguished at this point, thanks for that change, Obama!

While the current trends economically are dire, there is no escaping that the US is on a economic collision course, but it assumes the current status of the world as the underlying variables in calculating that trend.  Those initial parameters could drastically change.

I fear the uncertainty is such that major hostility and armed conflict on a scale not seen since World War 2 is a very real possibility.  The exact way this will happen is impossible to predict, as no one could have predicted an assassination in Serbia would trigger World War I, these things are impossible to predict, but we have history that shows certain patterns and conditions preceded all major conflicts in human history, and they are all aligning to create fertile ground for a massive struggle.  Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, all working toward or have nuclear weapons, and all are unstable.  There are many other risks out there, but suffice it to say, the only thing we know for sure is these trends are not good, they seem primed to spark a major struggle of epic proportions.  Prepare as well as you can, but most of all Pray, that seems to be the only sure way to prepare in all of this.


It is spreading like wild fire, where this goes is more and more impossible to calculate, but what we do know is violence, war, mass oppression and economic turmoil are near certain, how it shapes up and to what extent is all this remains to be seen.  It will affect the USA, expect skyrocketing fuel/energy prices as a start.

Brace for impact, this is what happens with an incompetent, or even an anti-US, anti-freedom (capitalist) agenda on the march, and it is unchecked at this point.

From OrbusMax ( http://www.orbusmax.com/) headlines:


Pakistan will be next… this issue will be used to ignite the cause.  Don’t forget that Pakistan already HAS nuclear weapons! 


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