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There is a Lesson in this; it seems to reflect a serious flaw in Human Nature: People driving on snow and ice oblivious to the danger.

Posted by mrfixit on February 10, 2011

There have been many videos like this one with this year’s harsh weather, but what does this say beyond the somewhat amusing nature of watching cars helplessly out of control?

Well, I think it shows how common and how prevalent it is now to have oblivious drivers out on the roads.  The modern car with anti-lock brakes, traction control, and even many with all wheel drive has led many to a false sense of security, and even a false sense of confidence, in this they ignore the real dangers and the real physics that are in play when the roads are snow and ice covered.

No matter the advanced electronics, the all wheel drive etc, in these conditions TRACTION is the only need.  Obviously most in Arkansas have never used chains or studded snow tires, but in these kinds of conditions, they are needed. Without traction, they are better off not getting in the car in the first place.

We see this all the time, even when people should know better, but it is not just here this flaw is evident.  We are in so many ways doing the same at all levels in this country.  We have been largely lulled into a false sense of security with our prosperity, we have been lulled into ignorance of the real dangers of the world, even to blatantly ignore the truth and we are now apparently unable to even see the enemy, and the real threats.  

History has shown, sadly, that the only consistent way for this false sense of security to be minimized is from a serious widespread crisis, I fear that is all but inevitable, it could come in many forms, this time I think it will be a collapse of the US Dollar and hyper-inflation, but it could be any number of other threats.

The other way to minimize this attitude is by spreading knowledge and truth.  Taking action proactively to prevent the crisis is far preferable, but when we have so many oblivious and ignorant of the threats and truth, and we even have powerful forces that cultivate and encourage this ignorance, it seems to be a near impossible goal. Even so, I will not let that deter me from trying.  Your reading this commentary, and this blog is one of my efforts to enlighten and inform, I hope you too will do same and spread this knowledge, either to brace for what may be inevitable, or to hopefully thwart it altogether, no matter how improbable that may be, it is a cause that is just and worthy.


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