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Change Delivered: After decades of work to forge peaceful relationships with many countries in the Middle East, Obama is successfully destroying these fragile alliances, and helping form new ones, between our enemies and FORMER friends!

Posted by mrfixit on February 10, 2011

Well, he may lie about virtually everything but he does appear to be delivering the promised “change”.   Too bad we were never honestly told what that “change” would be.  No rational American would vote for this change, destruction of US dominance, destruction of our economy, worldwide chaos and more uncertainty.  That is change!

We used to provide stability, our military might and resolve served as a deterrent to aggressive regimes everywhere.   Yep, we are weaker, not only in ability, but also in our resolve.  Those who are willing to use evil –to use physical violence, even actually killing other people to achieve their goals.  They are now feeling confident the time is right to advance their plans, knowing that the US either won’t or can’t do anything to foil their agenda.

Thanks Obama, you have condemned our children to a lower standard of living, and possibly even more strife and conflict for many years to come.  At least you delivered one of the campaign promises, this is “change” but not in a good way.

There is no question that we had some serious flaws in our policies and how we supported various dictators and leaders, but often this comes down to working with the lesser of evils, and then applying gradual pressure to improve circumstances seems far preferable to permitting violent unpredictable conflicts and outcomes, but that is just my approach, some others seem quite happy to invite, encourage and embrace violence and chaos, and they seem to exist in majority in the left wing collectivist circles where Obama has his experience and all his friends.


Now, the challenge is for Americans to learn from this serious mistake and not repeat the mistake, let’s not ever be caught up in the symbolism, hype and spin and vote for any “change” without understanding what the “change” is!


2 Responses to “Change Delivered: After decades of work to forge peaceful relationships with many countries in the Middle East, Obama is successfully destroying these fragile alliances, and helping form new ones, between our enemies and FORMER friends!”

  1. Norman M. Overfield said

    We are seeing the results of an amatuer in the WH. Too bad he and his administration didn’t just keep their mouths shut, instead of opening wide and showing their ignorance. I wonder how Obama would react if another country’s president said that he should resign yesterday……

    • mrfixit said

      I wish I could still believe this was simply incompetence, I think it is all very calculated. This serves the larger agenda of the radical left, where Obama comes from, that agenda is to destroy US influence and strength in the world to usher in a new era of some kind of worldwide collective, a “New World Order” and as Soros has openly said the USA is the biggest obstacle to this plan, so Obama is clearing the way. In that way it is unfortunately very competent, but not in a way that helps the citizens of the USA, it is in a way that benefits the international collectivist elites in their quest for a one world government.

      They are however incompetent in not knowing they are playing with fire by using the radical Islamic movement to assist in their goals, each side thinks it is using the other as useful idiots, but in the end the progressive, collectivist radicals will likely be seen as the real idiots, and when it moves to that stage we are all at risk. And just like Churchill warned and was ignored with the rise of Hitler, again it will take the rational leadership of another conservative to clean up the mess again created by the radical leftists.

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