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Attack on the Family, the consistent agenda of the left, and an example of its consequences:

Posted by mrfixit on February 10, 2011

When I have previously commented that the left has as a consistent theme the destruction of the family unit as a foundational building block of a free society, well this story seems to well illustrate the consequences of a broken family.


Here you have a wealthy family, led by narcissist parents bent on their own personal desires and pursuit of lust filled pleasure, they separate, leaving the children primed to follow their poor example, so much so the Mom even invites and encourages such behavior!

The left would not come out against this, because this is exactly the kind of churn they want.   People in this kind of destructive lifestyle are easily manipulated and controlled, by the leaders on the left! 

That is what they want!

My previous post about the Left’s agenda against the cohesive family unit:



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