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What is going on here? China builds massive, advanced well planned cities devoid of residents?

Posted by mrfixit on February 9, 2011

They are expecting growth? – Yes, that seems clear.  While this may occupy workers in the construction of these cities, I think it is clear China is preparing to take over as the dominate economic engine of the world, perhaps they know this shift will happen rapidly, so building infrastructure in advance makes sense, and using likely soon to be near worthless US dollars to do it.

Meanwhile Americans are worried about the Super bowl….



3 Responses to “What is going on here? China builds massive, advanced well planned cities devoid of residents?”

  1. Dave D. said

    Think Smart Growth.


    • mrfixit said

      That was a long and dry article to read, but it seems there is at least some concern even in China that they could be building their own version of a Real Estate Bubble. Perhaps that is all there is to this, but only time will tell. I think it remains a powerful illustration of amazing growth at a time where the US is stagnant or in decline, that alone ought to be a wakeup call for Americans, but when they elect a guy like Obama, who is quite comfortable with this trend, I guess far too many have sealed this trend to continue for awhile into the future.

  2. Dave D. said

    Maybe the Chinese think a lot of us will move there when our economy completely tanks. 🙂

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