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Illegal Aliens flock into Washington State

Posted by mrfixit on February 2, 2011

Up 35% in only 3 years!  Is it any wonder?  Give them a driver’s license, then ability to vote, and it is no surprise they flock into Washington State.  The incompetent progressive rulers want them here, dependent on them, and as an army of supporters to keep them in power.  It is not any more complex than that.  As the regular, legal taxpaying citizen’s wake up to the fraud they are perpetrating, the need new supporters and voters to maintain their power, enter the flock of illegal aliens. 

WAKE UP, this is not about race, it is about order and rule of law.  While the elites might think they can keep up the game and control the masses, they can’t.  They are building a powder keg with these dangerous schemes.  When times get tough and there are not enough jobs and food to go around, there will be chaos, and those that let this happen will be to blame for this.



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