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Another Sham, a bold lie being paraded out there in order to change policy to weaken and undermine American strength and capability: Putting Women in Front Line combat units will not harm US fighting capability.

Posted by mrfixit on January 31, 2011

First of all, I have nothing against women, I happen to very much appreciate and honor them!  I believe they have a very special and unique ability as the nurturers that are vital to the continuance of human species.  I believe this because it is TRUE, only women have the ability to nurture the unborn and then the very young, for that no man can do. 

With that said, would it make sense for a man to argue for the “right” to have a government supplied womb implant such that he be able to do what now only women are able to do?  Obviously this may seem absurd now, but just wait, if trends continue, one day that will somehow be in the mainstream…

So, now that we have supposedly “advanced” the rights of women and put them in Navy combat ships, soon even submarines, and closer and closer to combat, have we ever honestly assessed whether or not this has improved or even perhaps damaged our military readiness?  Have we assessed the potentially unbearable increased costs this has placed on maintaining this new “system”?  Have we really, honestly, looked at the impact of introducing sexual politics into areas where this had previously been avoided?  Have we really assessed the true cost of all the additional training, discipline, medical and other new impacts?

Well, I’d say the answer is: NO.  Because we have created an over sensitized environment such that even daring to ask the question could get a person falsely accused, tarred and feathered as a sexist bigot.  Some questions we are not to even ask in our out of control PC culture.

IF we are to have equal access to “opportunity” such as front line combat, then we must have EQUALITY!

But that is NOT what we have.  The physical standards for men and women are held at different levels, so either the standard is lowered, making our troops literally weaker, or it is raised, making it near impossible for women to meet, only a few will be able to build such capability.

There has been no honest effort to raise physical standards for women to match the male standards, so one has to assume that the lower standards for women will be maintained and thus permitting weaker soldiers to be on the front lines… Our nation’s enemies will no doubt be happy about this idea!

Then there are the issues of family.  We currently afford women maternity leave, seems reasonable, but if we are to be EQUAL, we must consider that men should also be afforded time with a new child as well, but that again would weaken the force, raise costs and place an unsustainable burden on the mission!

So, would it then be reasonable to force a woman to NOT exercise the option to have a child during the limited number of years where that option is available to her, which also overlaps the prime time for military service?  I thought we were to protect women’s choices, but this would either extinguish choice, or weaken our military by allowing only ONE gender the extra time off to care for a child.  Either way is a real problem. 

Then when we have women who do exercise the choice to have a child, but decide not to have a supporting father.  We then are faced with the cost of subsidized childcare for the serving member, and while this may sometimes happen when a mother abandons a child leaving a father as the caregiver, that is very rare in comparison.  The point remains, that we are placing the taxpayer on the hook for a new and costly burden to provide the infrastructure to support a “choice” of a career military women.  When did this become a national need when we now have about 10% unemployed, with disproportionately high numbers of young male unemployment?

Adding to all the costs, efforts and initiatives to increase the number of women serving in the military, the Navy for instance still has only about 15% women in uniform, and that number is relatively stable.  I have been engaged on looking into this when at great expense and possible consequence, the Navy decided to put a few women on Submarines.  When I specifically challenged the Navy Women’s Policy gurus about the existence of a “women only” career networking group, asking why a similar program was not available to men, I was informed that special efforts were justified since women make up such a small percentage, and have a very HIGH attrition rate, leaving very few in senior leadership positions in the Navy.  Could it be this is due to their own choices and priorities that many women choose children and family over a military career? – Well, that apparently did not occur to these people. 

Their agenda is to increase the number of women in the Navy, whether it makes any sense or not, and despite the very real possibility that by FREE choice many women CHOOSE to leave the Navy!

You see; if the effort for EQUALITY is promoted by those who also aim to provide special favor and privilege to some but not ALL, then they literally are attempting to tell us about equality, while actually creating and promoting Inequality!

The effort is all in vain.  The fact remains that no matter how hard people wish to ignore it, men and women are actually DIFFERENT.  They are generally not equal in ability in all areas. 

An attempt to ignore this will only create more tension, more discontent and more depression.

We see it now.   I’m NOT saying that we should have inequality before the law, quite the opposite in fact.  What I’m saying is we are to have true EQUALITY before the law, which means we have the SAME standards for physical strength, leave and pay, academic, and opportunity based on EQUAL standards. 

That Equal system will favor men in some areas, and women in others, I say let the chips fall where they will, not force them to be something they are not.  When you trick, deceive and conceal truth from people, coercing them to think they can be equal in every way, even men and women, even when it is really a lie, you get people in places where they will likely be perpetually at a disadvantage, and perpetually challenged to a near impossible standards, or you end up lowering the standard to where these same people are in actual harm’s way, or our Nation is more in harm’s way as the capability of our fighting forces takes a degrade for this agenda. 

There are consequences to accepting lies and ignoring truth. 

Some related stories on this subject:

5 foot 3 inch, 130 lb female prison guard who complained about her own security and being alone, UNARMED and unsupervised with dangerous 200+ pound Male criminals is killed in a WA state prison:




Women POWS face much more of a burden than even the Men:


Even the Feminists acknowledge the risk, but work to downplay this significantly:


They even applaud the one year delay in revealing the truth about abuse in captivity so it could support their agenda!  Yes, truth is casualty to their agenda…

“In fact, Cornum did not discuss her own sexual assault for an entire year after her release, though she was interviewed extensively and testified about her POW experience before a congressional panel.

Sexual assault victim advocate Christine Hansen sympathizes with Cornum’s reticence. “Her concern has always been that information being public would not only violate her privacy but would serve the agenda of those who wish to prevent women from being in service,” says Hansen, whose non-profit, The Miles Foundation, Inc., advocates for victims of violence associated with the military.”

Then they go on to suggest conservative groups are using the TRUTH to support their agenda of QUESTIONING the wisdom of putting women in positions that gives the ENEMY the opportunity to engage in this kind of abuse.


Female Prisoner from most recent Iraq war, it haunts her still…


And how does Islamic law deal with women POWs:


Why must one go to an Australian paper questioning and perspective?  They are ahead of us in this agenda, they have learned some hard lessons, and now are asking the questions many here are still afraid to ask.


When “multiculturism” and feminism collide – female fighter pilots in Saudi Arabia:


They sure tried to bury this one as well, Jessica Lynch, surprise, was also raped while a POW..

This one is a MUST read:


Money pull quote: “If the Pentagon puts a happy face on the situation and describes her injuries as only being broken bones, they’re not being honest with the American public and with women recruits.”

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One Response to “Another Sham, a bold lie being paraded out there in order to change policy to weaken and undermine American strength and capability: Putting Women in Front Line combat units will not harm US fighting capability.”

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