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It is all a Sham: The legislation to repeal DADT requires the military brass and our President to certify the repeal will not harm readiness. This is an IMPOSSIBLE standard, IF we are to be honest.

Posted by mrfixit on January 30, 2011

How can there be no damage to military readiness when you embrace and endorse a myriad of new “lifestyles” in the military?

How can you say that those uncomfortable with sharing berthing and heads with those openly expressing sexual attraction is not a distraction and detrimental to readiness?

How can you say that many medical issues that are MOSTLY associated with a particular sexual orientation and behavior (previously not permitted) is not going to have an effect on medical readiness and the costs of medical care and supporting requirements and still “certify” there will be not damage done?

Well… You can only do this if you ignore reality and truth and engage in top down coercion to squelch opposition and dissent.  You can only do this by ignoring the truth and creating a false reality based on what you WANT to see, not what really is.

Sadly that is the kind of leadership we are seeing on this, and it is not the first time.  Just in recent memory this tactic was used to squelch dissent over the efforts to start MIX gender submarine crews for the first time.  Dissent was labeled as anti-women, despite the facts and real possibility that the medical and operational impacts could create very real damage, even to those women engaged in this supposedly new and vital opportunity.  The effects will also go well beyond that, but the efforts to suppress the problems have been fairly successful, so they march on with really damaging ideas without pause…

The information on this DADT issue specifically demands that the “training” be done strictly from prepared, scripted presentations, and they are to be one way sessions where the members are not to be heard or considered.  Each and every member of the US Military will have at LEAST 1.5 to 2 hours of “training” to make them conditioned to “accept” this policy change.

This is not typical in America where we NORMALLY expect reasoned obedience.  We expect our leaders to make a convincing case and have our troops follow their lead by choice, not brute force indoctrination from strictly controlled, one way, scripted “training” sessions. 

This is why each and every member takes an oath directly to the CONSTITUTION of this great land, we expect them to be intelligent enough to even ignore orders when needed!  They must have the ability to determine orders if they are unlawful and against the Constitution!

Today we seem to have leaders who look at us all as idiots, who need to be herded like cattle.  We are to accept ANYTHING these elitists tell us to do without any debate or discussion.  This is not the America of the Declaration of Independence, this would be more like the tyrannical dictatorship style regimes that seem all too common in the rest of the world.

From this latest report in the media:

Quote: “to certify in March or April that the repeal of “Don’t ask Don’t tell” will not hurt military readiness”


Previous Posts on this subject:










Navy News:


Full text:

‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal Plan Progressing Quickly, Officials Say

By Karen Parrish, American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The plan to end the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military is progressing quickly, senior Defense Department officials said Jan. 28 in Washington, D.C.

Clifford L. Stanley, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, and Marine Corps Gen. James E. Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke to Pentagon reporters in the first of a series of briefings that will chart the department’s progress in implementing the repeal of the law known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

“My sense is [we have a] really good working relationship with the services as we do this, …not only the service chiefs, but the senior enlisted,” Stanley said. “You get good vibes about where we are in terms of cooperation [and] information coming forth.”

President Barack Obama signed the repeal into law Dec. 22, with provisions ensuring the repeal will not take place until 60 days after he, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, certify the military services are ready.

As part of the Jan. 28 briefing, officials distributed copies of two memos containing the department’s guidance on repeal implementation. The first, signed by Gates, sets a planning deadline of Feb. 4. The second, which Stanley signed, outlines policy changes.

“Strong, engaged and informed leadership will be required at every level to implement the repeal…properly, effectively and in a deliberate and careful manner,” Gates’ memo read in part. “This is not, however, a change that should be done incrementally. The steps leading to certification and the actual repeal must be accomplished across the entire department at the same time.”

Gates’ guiding principles for implementation stress respect for individuals and common across-the-services standards, while prohibiting harassment, unlawful discrimination and policies based solely on sexual orientation.

Gates directed that a repeal implementation team lead the process to develop plans, update policies and train the force.

“What you’re going to see as we move forward, we have actually three tiers as we get to the training part,” Stanley said.

The three levels of training begin with policy makers, chaplains, lawyers and counselors; continue with leaders including commanding officers, senior noncommissioned officers and senior civilians; and culminate with troops across the services.

Cartwright said the tiers don’t have to be sequential, and the services can conduct the levels of training as they see fit.

Present at the Jan. 28 briefing were Virginia “Vee” Penrod, deputy assistant secretary for military personnel policy and chairwoman of the repeal implementation team, and Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Steven Hummer, the team’s chief of staff.

Penrod said the team has worked for several weeks with service representatives to develop training guidance, modules and plans.

“We expect to have those accomplished next week,” said Penrod. “It’s been a joint effort, with not only the military departments but [also] the Joint Staff, to develop consistent training.”

Hummer said the team is developing a “standardized commander’s toolkit” for the training effort. The services can tailor the toolkit to ensure the training meets their specific needs. The training packets will include videos featuring the service commanders, presentations outlining policy considerations and a series of vignettes trainers can use to spur audience discussions.

The team also is charged with preparing progress reports and updating Gates every two weeks on policy development and training progress.

“We know, when you’re dealing with 2.5 million people and a new policy, that we’re probably going to have some discovery as we go,” said Cartwright.

The two-week updates provide a feedback mechanism that will allow defense and service leaders to track what they’ve learned, react and then move forward.

“That will all be considered in the so-called calculus of when we go to the secretary and the chairman to certify,” said Cartwright.

Stanley’s memo detailed military policy changes that will happen when repeal takes place. Defense officials emphasized that any changes will not take effect until repeal is implemented, and that all current policies remain in force in the meantime.

Most policies will not change, including those covering standards of conduct, equal opportunity, personal privacy, military benefits, medical treatment and duty assignments. But recruiting, re-accesssions and separation policies will change. Sexual orientation will no longer serve as a bar to enlistment or a return to the military, or as a reason for dismissal.

Stanley said that while the department doesn’t see the need for many policy changes, there is a definite need for policy clarification.

“We are fundamentally focused right now on our leadership, professionalism, discipline and respect,” said Stanley. “I have to underscore that every person who serves and who wears a uniform – and to include our civilians, who are working within the Department of Defense – they take an oath. And that oath breaks into that foundation of leadership, professionalism, discipline and respect.”

For more news, visit www.navy.mil.


3 Responses to “It is all a Sham: The legislation to repeal DADT requires the military brass and our President to certify the repeal will not harm readiness. This is an IMPOSSIBLE standard, IF we are to be honest.”

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