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If they can’t argue with your message because it is TRUTH, they will attack the way the message is delivered!

Posted by mrfixit on January 27, 2011

Classic Alinsky like “any means” tactic to polarize and isolate your opposition.

Folks don’t fall for this crap, this is exactly the same methods they are using and will continue to use against ANYONE who they know is a threat to their undeserved elevated elite status in society.

They will protect their positions of power using all means available and effective, that is why we must be on guard. 

Here they attack Congresswoman Michelle Bachman for her appearance when staring at the Tea Party camera during a speech, not the camera carrying the broadcast, can someone say set up?

By the way, that it might have been a Fox camera does not make it less likely, many  at Fox also see the Tea Party as a threat, the blue blood elitist RINOs over there…



One Response to “If they can’t argue with your message because it is TRUTH, they will attack the way the message is delivered!”

  1. Dave D. said

    I could care less what she was looking at. It was her words that mattered to me and they struck at the heart of the progressives. No wonder they are an unhappy lot. I would be to if my party’s main squeeze gave a speech which sounded like it was composed in stall #3 in the men’s restroom.

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