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Far Left Whacko Rep. Kucinich sues over “injury” from an olive pit in a sandwich!

Posted by mrfixit on January 27, 2011

What an idiot, the first comment says all that needs to be said:

“I guess since his seat is being eliminated, he needs to make some money the best way a lib knows how: sue someone!”


This is what the far left is all about, how fitting one of their own make the point for us.  Nothing is ever their fault!  Even biting too hard on a sandwich and hurting his teeth on an olive pit, well that has to be someone else’s fault you know… 

These dangerous fools live in a world of lies where they somehow think perfection and protection from any harm or danger is to be EXPECTED, and if it is ever shown to be the lie it is, then they lash out and attempt to blame then sue someone else to get a big payoff out of the event!

You see this with the barrage of lawyer adds looking to sue over just about any new drug or medical procedure.  Didn’t you know we are to live forever without any ill, and if we have any medicine or surgery it is to ALWAYS be flawless and with ZERO risk and NO side effects?  That is the standard it seems to those that live in these lies, so they constantly look to assign blame and to enrich the army of lawyers in these frivolous legal battles, which all end up causing severe damage to innovation, entrepreneurship and eventually endanger a complete collapse of the system of freedom.  With so many lawyers being in the far left camp of the political spectrum, and some of those openly advocating for a collapse to usher in a new system, well you might start to wonder if this is all not part of a bigger plan….


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