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State of Idaho leads the way… The effort to nullify laws that are Unconstitutional! Like Obamacare…

Posted by mrfixit on January 21, 2011

The ObamaCare bill was already found to have unconstitutional mandates on the account of an individual mandate to purchase insurance.

The way it was passed, with thousands of pages NOT read or understood by the Congress that passed it, and now it has been voted by the new congress with a clear majority to be repealed, it is clear that what the State of Idaho is doing is actually quite understandable.

If the Federal Government is out of control and imposes unconstitutional mandates and laws upon the citizens, then the States do have the obligation and duty to resist this unconstitutional power grab, and be the check and balance against tyranny they were intended to be.

Go Idaho!  I’m very proud of this state for this effort!


This is why now 27 States are involved in lawsuits over this travesty of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, known as Obamacare.  I’m not sure I give credit to Obama, he did not read it either, so who really wrote the thousands of pages (and why did so many vote for and sign a something they did not fully comprehend?)


One Response to “State of Idaho leads the way… The effort to nullify laws that are Unconstitutional! Like Obamacare…”

  1. Dave D. said

    They signed it because they were following their illegitimate leader. They are just like a bunch of lemmings. They’ll go down with their leader.

    We saw on Beck who wrote this healthcare law. The Apollo Alliance. I also have read that Daschle was behind it.

    I also don’t trust the Republicans to repeal this bill outright. I believe they are just going to “doctor” it up. That leaves it up to the states to get this to the SCOTUS and have it ruled unconstitutional.

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