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Don’t be fooled by Donald Trump: any attempt to claim he is a Conservative is a LIE!

Posted by mrfixit on January 21, 2011

If the womanizing, narcissistic, self promoting, former bankrupt Donald Trump even attempts to make a run as a Conservative in any political race, don’t fall for it.

He is a typical elite snob more in line with the progressive views than anything, and to make my case I only need to point out his $50K donation to Rahm Emanuel!

I don’t care what excuse he might offer, this is unacceptable.

When you bed with the progressive elites who aim to corral and control the masses, those who hold the views that we are all like sheep, and they are the self appointed masters, well it shows the true inner workings of the person.

Trump is an opportunist, not a genuine person guided by founding principles of distributed power and individual rights. 

I derive this title, because Trump has been making the rounds on Conservative talk radio trying to come out as a conservative, this can’t be true if he come to the aid of Rahm Emanuel!


More (29Mar 2011):

I must give credit, where credit is due:

While I’d not be excited about a Trump run for President, I do think his work shedding light on mysterious past of Obama is of great service to the nation, I only wish someone did this in 2008 BEFORE he was elected, now it is a real mess either way.


MORE (15 April 2011):

He is all over the map, if you look at his past statements he was either ignorant then, and now suddenly smart, or he just says what gets him attention.  Either way, not what we need, we need a guy like Alan West, or a Michelle Bachman/Sarah Palin kind of strong CONSISTENT Conservative that has DEEP roots in the cause of freedom. 


More (16 April 2011):

No surprise, it is a Progressive Democrat, Obama supporting, anything for Power type that is behind the Trump.

Don’t be fooled!  Even if he says the right things, you MUST question why now?  The answer is it is about attention and power, don’t buy it.  Look for those that have a long CONSISENT and deeply rooted perspective, not the come lately types, who are out for their own self interests.


One Response to “Don’t be fooled by Donald Trump: any attempt to claim he is a Conservative is a LIE!”

  1. Dave D. said

    I don’t care who the GOP picks as their candidate. I will be going with the Tea Party candidate, whoever that may be. That will leave out the Huckster, the Mitt and the Grinch. And the Trumpster.

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