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The forces of darkness are on the march, and they aim to take your soul! The destruction of the family and marriage is the ultimate goal. Build your resistance!

Posted by mrfixit on January 20, 2011

At least there are some standards, but Fox did previously run ads from this despicable outfit.

This is a site dedicated to the facilitation of infidelity!  It is a site literally designed to appeal to the lustful, selfish even vengeful darker side of human failings, and it aims to make this worse!

Does any rational person think that it could possibly be good to facilitate more acts of infidelity and promiscuity which ultimately leads to broken marriages, broken families and children in chaos?

No, I don’t think a rational person could, but this is somehow successful as a business?  We need to turn back to our families and marriages and STRENGTHEN them and then restore America, this outfit aims to do just the opposite.

Previous post on the fall of Rome applies, there to such promiscuity and lack of morality was instrumental in the fall, let’s not make the same mistakes!


Fall of Rome comparison:



Not only encouragement of broken marriages, encouragement of broken parent child relationships!

MTV, Viacom, and Taco Bell all work to promote and encourage your teenager to pursue and anything goes promiscuous and casual attitude toward sex, again this assists the anti-family agenda.  I strongly urge you to not buy or support these people, and I like Taco Bell food, but have not been to one in some time, they are owned by a radical far left progressive, no surprise they’d be in on this effort:



Don’t be fooled, Taco Bell pulls ads for this show, but shifts to other MTV shows, so still supporting this disgusting effort by MTV and Viacom.  The pull quote: “and have moved our advertising to other MTV programming”


(Don’t forget Viacom makes a significant portion of its money from the PORN industry!)

Then there is sex in the SECOND GRADE in a GOVERNMENT School, well what is up with that?  Part of the same agenda…


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