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After over 30 Years, City of Bremerton Democrats notice a Submarine is named after the City!

Posted by mrfixit on January 19, 2011

(But only after the Navy League takes notice first?)

To have this event and host it is at the Norm Dicks building (or should I say monument) of government waste and misuse of funds, then to have the man himself, Congressman Norm Dicks, a guy with zero Navy service, actually be some kind of speaker worthy of notice, well do I really need to tell you all how much of a phony show of support this is by guys like Norm Dicks.  Why did it take over 30 years for this ship to get the notice of these people?

And they can’t say they did not know it existed, but in reality it just did not matter much.  Norm Dicks was at the ceremony and visit shortly after commissioning!

But, since then, according to the Kitsap Sun, there has been little connection: 

“There’s been little connection between the USS Bremerton and the city for which it is named.”

Read more: http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2009/aug/26/uss-bremerton-gets-acquainted-with-its-namesake/#ixzz1BPkhNyyc

A typical politician, he always tries to portray some military credentials, but in reality he has none. 

He feigns his support of the Navy, to keep himself in office, nothing more.  This is the same guy working to cut the defense budget! 

This is the same guy who cannot be bothered to answer the requests of a constituent who boldly questions his sincerity in support of his oath of office to the US Constitution.  Yes, even a constituent who happens to also be Navy Officer and whom specifically requested that this man explain his support and votes for legislation that he did not read or fully comprehend.  He was challenged to demonstrate how a legislator could support and pass legislation without any verification of that legislation’s conformance with the document that lays out the highest law in the land, the document that defines the powers and LIMITATIONS of the federal government.  No, this guy is not interested in taking the time to explain how he could vote for multi-thousand page bills that he has not read, he can’t there is NO explanation.  It is very clear that this man is one of many in the elite, even in both parties, that have forgotten the meaning and responsibility of the oath of office they took, to support and defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Sadly those that would write laws that violate the constitution are by definition enemies of the constitution.  He would be faced with the realization that his oath would demand him to be against much of what he himself has done in his many years in office, that I’m sure he’ll never do, (but on this I’d like to be wrong!).


(Story copied below in case the link does not open)

Namesake Submarine Adopted by Bremerton Navy League

  Story Number: NNS110112-04   Release Date: 1/12/2011 3:47:00 PM

BREMERTON, Wash. (NNS) — Navy League United States (NLUS) Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council hosted an adoption ceremony for the Los Angeles-class submarine USS Bremerton (SSN 698) at Norm Dicks Conference Center, Jan. 11.

USS Bremerton was the second United States Navy ship to be named in honor of Bremerton, Wash., a city which has been long associated with both the Navy and submarine force.

Mayor Patty Lent hosted the ceremony and NLUS Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council signed the official adoption papers of USS Bremerton.

“Tonight’s celebration commemorates the official adoption of USS Bremerton and her crew by Bremerton-Olympic,” said Congressman Norm Dicks. “This is a proud day of the city of Bremerton and its citizens. As a native of Bremerton it is an honor to welcome Cmdr. Kerr and his wife Hilary to our city. And we offer our deepest thanks to the 130-person crew serving our country on board USS Bremerton.

“I am thankful that the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the Navy League has demonstrated support for the crew and its namesake submarine. This partnership is a testament to the patriotism of every Navy League member as shining examples of how much this community supports service members and their families,” said Dicks.

The electric boat division of General Dynamics Corporation in Groton, Conn., was awarded the contract to build the submarine Jan. 24, 1972; the keel was laid May 8, 1976, and was launched July 22, 1978 by sponsor, Mrs. Henry M. Jackson.

USS Bremerton was commissioned March 28, 1981, and Capt. Thomas H. Anderson was its first commanding officer.

Byron Faber, Navy League Trips and Tours worked closely with area organizations and USS Bremerton to make the event possible.

“As soon as we knew the Bremerton got the port call here a year ago, several of us in Navy League wanted to do everything we could to show our support to the crew,” said Faber. “I gave them rides in my Ferrari and got to know the crew; we just had a blast…and we got the idea ‘why don’t we adopt this boat.’ I’ve been the liaison ever since doing the spade-work to get it done…a lot of chatting with the CO to see what we could do. I’m just proud we can support our military any way we can.”

Cmdr. Caleb Kerr, USS Bremerton commanding officer, and his wife flew in from Pearl Harbor to attend the ceremony to represent the boat and sign the official papers.

“I thank all who are here, for welcoming my wife and myself to this auspicious occasion,” said Kerr. “The crew and I are very excited about the patriotic city Bremerton adopting our ship. I cannot tell you what it means to all of us on the crew to know there are people in Bremerton fully supporting us; especially significant for us as we prepare for a six-month deployment. All of your support is appreciated.”

For more news from Commander, Navy Region Northwest, visit http://www.navy.mil/local/cnrnw/.


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