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The Revolution is in progress, it is happening on a global level, but so many are STILL unaware…

Posted by mrfixit on January 18, 2011

There is the incident in Tunisia with Swedish tourists.  They were beaten bloody and had their possessions taken. 

This is horrific, but I have to say something controversial here.  What is MORE horrific is that they traveled there in the first place.  For several days now it has been out that this country is in chaos, the ruling leaders have left seeking shelter in Saudi Arabia and France!

What is also horrific is either these guys did not know of the danger, or they knew of danger but did not heed the warning.


There is a message in this for all of us.  The warnings are out on what is coming, and the forces pushing this are well established and connected.  This kind of savagery will not be completely isolated to other places; it will visit way too close to home.  What happened in Arizona could fall into this category, the lunatic was a Bush hating whacko inspired by the 9-11 “truther” crap that is out there agitating many. 


Don’t think there aren’t many more who are capable of similar acts here, we can only stop this by WAKING people UP!

This is what I attempt to do here.  Had these tourists known the risks, or actually understood the risks were real and valid, then they’d CHOOSE to be placed in this situation.  This was not a business trip, it was vacation and therefore elective!

Keep this in mind in your dealings.  Knowledge and truth are more than just a hobby; it can keep you out of harm’s way.

I have been warning about the economic troubles ahead, I do this not because it is anything I want, it is because I want as many as possible to brace for impact and to survive so we can recover, and help others who just won’t accept the reality of what is ahead.  I do this because this is the way to survive, to study, acknowledge reality and truth, heed warnings, and balance acceptable risks so that we can survive and help others.


That far too many supposedly informed and educated people still cling to their world of lies where they ignore real risks, and act as if it will only happen to others, well we’ll sadly see many more examples of what happens to them, I aim to minimize those numbers by waking people up who have been mislead and lulled into a very false sense of security.

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