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The Elites, in BOTH Parties move in to silence the opposition by intimidation!

Posted by mrfixit on January 14, 2011

Yep, here it is.  A Republican reports a conservative to the FBI as a possible threat, and he gets investigated!  Yes, that is the new standard of suspicion.  If only he had actually left his name, and phone number with moronic and pointless actual threat, then maybe he’d get to face some actual charges.

But this guy was apparently exercising the protected First Amendment right to get redress from his elected government via a REPRESENTATIVE!   Yes, and the good news is that is exactly the impression the FBI investigator agreed with.

We can hope and pray our law enforcement can continue to exercise the good judgment in cases like this, but even still the very thought of an investigation and visit by the FBI for engaging in legitimate politics, well I think it is a VERY clear this is a signal from the elected elitists to the masses to shut up and let them have their way without our input or feedback.  That is UN-American.  Certainly not a system of Government by “We The People” if this is permitted to work and actually silence legitimate political speech on account of the threat of investigation.


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