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Political Pep Rally or Solemn memorial for the victims? You Decide.

Posted by mrfixit on January 13, 2011

Finally Obama gives a speech that actually does not contain a clear political agenda.

I had no real issue with the speech; I read the transcript and thought it was good.

I would now ask that he heed his own advice and that he provide leadership to get his rabid supporters to follow suit, but I won’t hold my breath for that.


Next I have to wonder why it took 5 days for him to speak and call for civility and not jumping to conclusions and assigning false blame.  He was able to rapidly say just that with the Fort Hood Shooting but in this case I guess it was OK to assign false blame and labels to people and political movements that clearly had ZERO role in this, so long as they were his political foes. 

Hypocrisy comes to mind.

It can be seen as a massive distinction that even as a private citizen, Sarah Palin, was able to respond promptly and did not take the occasion as an attempt to place blame on political foes, even though the real evidence suggests this madman was in fact a believer in much of what the radical, rabid, far left has been spewing for years.

Then there is the actual event.  I could not take watching it all, but the sections I did see I was actually very disappointed at the near rock concert style responses of the crowd.  This seems so inappropriate for such an event, but this is not new for the active partisans on the left, the Senator Wellstone’s memorial comes to mind as just one such event.

Here is a good analysis of what is wrong here, some have no shame:


Here are some links in the above article, this is worse than I thought:

“Branding” of this event:  (oh, and many in the crowd “Booed” the Governor, Jan Brewer!)


And did Obama say something that might undermine the Federal Prosecution of the murderer?


Here is the picture of the T-shirts:


Then there were some confusing things like the “native” American blessing, well excuse me, but I consider anyone legally in the country and that was BORN here a native, but I guess we must reserve special status to some on account of ancestors long since dead, not sure how that is equality, but I digress:


When you are dealing with a guy who constantly lies, it becomes difficult to trust anything at some point, are we there?-  well I think so.  Now we even have to question whether the line about Congresswoman Gifford opening her eyes for the “first time” is even true:



I knew it, the left can’t help themselves, all they can do is lie and blame, they won’t even take the advice of their anointed one:


And…  Nope.  Obama’s supporters do not follow the lead of his speech.  Here is some of their work, but will there be any arrests?  – No, those arrests are reserved for people who make threats to far left Democrats only. (prior post)



I knew the radical left would not heed the advice of Obama in his speech, I wonder if there will be any investigations or arrests for this break in civility?  No, of course not.  Will the left wing media or leadership rise to denounce their own radicals?  No way!  Truth is they are encouraging this in private (and sometimes fairly public), but at the same time attempting to wear the mask of civility.  It is, like most of what they spew another lie and deception.   Despicable:


Another well written commentary on this topic:



Not following the leadership of Obama, who asked all to tone it down, a AZ massacre survivor is arrested for a death threat to a Tea Party leader…



4 Responses to “Political Pep Rally or Solemn memorial for the victims? You Decide.”

  1. Dave D. said

    How ironic that they had a half Indian (kind of like the president half black) and yet they call him a “native” Indian. (kind of like calling the president black) I guess this half mexican had to be called an Indian in order for him to legally be in possession of eagle feathers. Yep, he came from the other side of the border but I am sure he most certainly prospers from Uncle Sam.

  2. Dave D. said

    Oh yeah, remember the president’s statement which was to be perceived as caused by “the one” that Giffords opened her eyes for the FIRST time just after he left the room? Well, now he has the mainstream media covering for his lie:


  3. Dave D. said

    Oh, and one more. That motto on the t-shirts? The administration didn’t have to dig to deep to find that one.


  4. Dave D. said

    Oh no! I was mistaken by my previous post. The motto was actually started in “Organizing for America”. We all remember that organization, right?


    Why should we have to rely on the Canada Free Press to get this info? Just shows how in the tank our mainstream media is with obama.

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