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An ACTUAL “Right Wing” Loon making death threats to someone in elected public office! How convenient that this comes out in the wake of the Lefts slander on the Tea Party in the wake of AZ…

Posted by mrfixit on January 12, 2011

Man arrested for making threats against far left “Baghdad Jim” McDermott.


Mad about the vote for the tax-cut proposal?   What vote is that and how did McDermott vote?


He voted against the Obama compromise bill on 17 December…Prior to that the Democrats put forward a dead in bill to permanently extend the tax rates only for the “middle class” that was a political game they were playing, that I’m sure McDermott voted FOR (I’m not even going to waste time to look for it).

But wait!  I just realized an IMPORTANT fact that I previously overlooked….  The threats were made on December 9th, so then why only on January 12th do they become credible enough to take action…   Hmm, I smell some very partisan agenda in this…

So, more sloppy journalism here, I’m sure we will see this was brought out to be used as the template to cover the tracks of the absolute disgusting attempt to pin the Arizona massacre on the tea party.

The guy making the threats is a potty mouth, but seems to generally be ticked at government confiscation of money and redistribution of same to others, according to the dictates and whims of those in power, so there is some similarity to the Tea Party on that, but it ends there.

This guy seems unhinged, he is profane, he seems to be hesitant in his messages, lots of ums, and pauses, even stutters, in the delivery, he makes whacky threats and actually makes death threats in this, so it seems like a legitimate visit by the FBI, and legitimate charges.   However, I doubt the moron actually thought he’d be taken seriously.  He GIVES his name and phone number in the messages!  The real dangerous threats are those coming from anonymous sources!  It sure was not hard for the FBI to locate and arrest this guy; he practically rolled out a welcome mat!

I seriously doubt this is really a credible threat, but I do support law enforcement looking into it and charging this moron for his stupidity and blatant threats.  Death threats of this nature are not free speech!  This is not even how the founders of this nation acted, who this guy tried to cite in his rant.  The founders first sought redress for their grievances via many and years of attempts to reconcile with the British crown, and even when that failed they did not make death threats like this; they signed A Declaration of Independence, a document that made NO THREATS, and which ironically placed the signers of the document under the very real threat of execution by the British authorities at the time!  This guy obviously did not fully understand in his studies!

Unlike the radical left that STILL has not admitted that one of their own followers committed the massacre in Arizona, I and others like me will join with even the Jim McDermott’s of the world in condemning what this idiot did with his threatening messages!   Now, will Jim McDermott even join in condemnation of the calls for violence, and actual violence commonly repeated by his supporters?  – I won’t hold my breath for that one…

The actual transcript found at a far left site out of Seattle:

(Contains profanity, so I won’t copy it here, but my comments above take away all I think is important in his rants)



Threats to Sarah Palin at all time high, and there is even a hate filled production of threats!   Will there be any arrests?  Don’t hold your breath waiting.  Arrests are reserved for those that threaten those that guys like Baghdad Jim…




Not following the leadership of Obama, who asked all to tone it down, a AZ massacre survivor is arrested for a death threat to a Tea Party leader…


Compare with this:

More Violence on the Left:



3 Responses to “An ACTUAL “Right Wing” Loon making death threats to someone in elected public office! How convenient that this comes out in the wake of the Lefts slander on the Tea Party in the wake of AZ…”

  1. Dave D. said

    I just read Pamela Geller’s column yesterday and she had all these photos which showed the call for the killing of Bush. So how many arrests were made by these pyscho liberals and their call for the asassination of a sitting president? I would say nary a one.

  2. mrfixit said

    Concur, if there were arrests you could bet the media would have been reporting it, and making the arrested into a “victim” of an “evil” GW Bush, like they did with virtually everything he did. It is all out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. These people are really sick. They live in a world of lies, and they biggest enemy to their agenda is truth. They have to destroy anyone who dares speak truth.

  3. […] Vs. Tolerance. Tolerance IS Acceptable, but Forced Acceptance is tyranny, and is NOT ACCEPTABLE.An ACTUAL “Right Wing” Loon making death threats to someone in elected public office! How conven… « Political Pep Rally or Solemn memorial for the victims? […]

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