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Criminals love GUN CONTROL: It gives the lawless a near monopoly of power, which is exactly what they want!

Posted by mrfixit on January 11, 2011

 From the recent events we are already seeing the usual disgusting attempts to foist MORE pointless and ineffective laws about gun ownership.

Watch this well done parody of the stupidity of Gun Control laws, it makes the point by being absurd, but makes the stupidity of controls on law abiding citizens very clearly an effort to support the criminals!


Lost in the discussion of this Arizona massacre, and if not for blogs and citizen journalists, would be the fact that at least one of the heroes responsible for STOPPING the mad man was a legal concealed weapon carrier who was in fact armed. 

Despite having clear justification to shoot, this guy did not, why?  Because he did not need to, but because he was able and capable, while others ran for cover, he ran to tackle and disable the shooter, knowing he had the ability to return fire if needed.

The lunatic was in the process of reloading with a second magazine when he was subdued!  If not for the brave actions of citizens, there would without doubt, been more victims.

Here is the YouTube video clip of the interview of this hero, a humble man I might add, and just a regular citizen who did the right thing:


So to the title of this post, have you ever noted that the “gun free” zones seem to be more susceptible to mass shootings?  Well, the reason is plain commonsense, but completely lost to the progressive control freaks, the reason is the criminals don’t like competition. They are cowards and prefer to shoot unarmed victims.  They typically don’t go into a police station and open fire; they go to a Mall, a school, or any “gun free” zone they can find. 

IF the hero in Arizona had been outside when the shooter pulled the gun, maybe he could have disabled him even faster; maybe there would have been even fewer victims.  We can only guess, but it seems a logical assumption. 

The fact is that we cannot prevent criminals for getting guns, we can’t keep them from getting dangerous illegal drugs, and oh how we have tried.  We can’t seem to protect or border, we can’t seem to stop terrorists, but we try.  It seems obvious that perhaps what we can do is permit as many honorable, law abiding peace loving citizens the right and ability of personal protection that the Second Amendment affords, this is about the best check and balance to those that are committed to conduct such heinous acts of violence.  If we cannot stop these events, at least we can limit the damage, and ensure the perpetrators are not afforded a monopoly of power, we should be able to match evil with the force of good, defense of others by equal ability to employ force. 

We are not condemned as sheep to be led to the slaughter, we are to have the ability to employ force, even lethal force, in a defense, and even better as a deterrent to these senseless acts of violence.


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