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Jared Lee Loughner: He is left wing radical progressive type FREAK, now we can add cold blooded murderer to that description. The media will try every angle to make him look like a right wing radical, but that will all be a LIE.

Posted by mrfixit on January 8, 2011

Here what I found and note that they are already trying to scrub the web of information on this guy:

“Update: Ben Smith at Politico uncovers some other social media hints:

His linked MySpace page, no longer available, included statements about the gold standard and about SWAT teams paying for their equipment with illegal currency.

Among his long list of favorite books in his YouTube profile are Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, Siddhartha.

Loughner also “favorited” just one video on YouTube, which shows the burning of an American flag and is accompanied by an anti-government screed. A sample from that screed:

If there’s no flag in the constitution then the flag in the film is unknown.
There’s no flag in the constitution.
Therefore, the flag in the film is unknown.
Burn every new and old flag that you see.
Burn your flag!
I bet you can imagine this in your mind with a faster speed.
Watch this protest in reverse!
Ask the local police; “What’s your illegal activity on duty?”.
If you protest the government then there’s a new government from protesting.
There’s not a new government from protesting.
Thus, you aren’t protesting the government.”


He is an atheist that has among his favorite works the Communist Manifesto, and he loves burning US Flags:


Here is the politico report:


And the common theme, like with the Joseph Stack guy who flew the plane into the IRS building seems to be to scrub the web of information that clearly shows it is radical anti-god, anti-government LEFT WING radicals that are the ones using violence in their political dealings, as should be no surprise to anyone who studies them.  When Alinsky, Cloward and Piven et. al. when they say “any means” that means ANY means, and violence is certainly something they include in any means. 

It is not the conservative, who specifically DENOUNCES “any means” and is constrained by morality, and LEGAL methods of conduct.  This is why the left is always happy to enact more and more laws, like gun control.  They know their political enemies will largely be constrained to comply, but their supporters and political base will IGNORE laws in any case, like ACORN for example.

Previous posts on the violent Left:






As predicted, the Left tries pin this on Conservative, when it is THEIR rhetoric, and there looney guy who loves the COMMUNIST Manifesto that did this.  They have NO SHAME:


Oh, Senator Durbin  the gall of this ignoramus to dare talk about rhetoric, he is the one who called US troops at Gitmo to murderous Nazis!   This man is a disgrace, HE Should be the one toning down the rhetoric:



Here is more media spin and bias to pin this on the conservative Tea Party, when it is ONE OF THEIR own radicals, a dope smoking atheist, lunatic who did this.


By the way Fox did mention that the guy had Hitler’s Mien Kampf on his list of favorite, but oddly they failed to point out that he ALSO had the Communist Manifesto in there as well, that is an important piece of data that even FOX fails to report.


Of course CNN works to stifle the Tea Party opposition by trying to pin this on them, political, legal debate and competition is not only drastically different from the violent acts of a mad man, political battles are NEEDED to make sure we ferret out the really bad ideas and actors.  I think we need to recall the Congresswoman Giffords was a rare breed, one of very few remaining “blue dog” Democrats.   It was likely a left loon upset at her being too independent and conservative that did this, and it seems obvious since this maniac had the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorites.

NOW HERE ARE the screen shots that the left did not want you to see.  The far left Daily Kos site has a direct hit piece, even using the word “dead” in the title on Congresswomen Giffords.  Now they are trying to cover their tracks, but thankfully the army of bloggers captured the screen shots before they could erase them!

This is long, but after going through this, there can be little doubt that a far left loon enacted revenge against Giffords for being too conservative, she voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi for minority leader, that apparently was the tipping point for this lunatic:


And Washington Post, no surprise, they seem to be blind to the violent hate speech and activity on the left, of course that is their chosen political persuasion:


And NY Times despicable disgusting Krugman, he moves to blame Beck and Rush!  We should be blaming the LEFT kooks, like Daily Kos, Senator Durbin, even Obama himself, he made the “brink a gun to a knife fight” comment!


Oh, and from the NY time blog, the very Obama “gun” comment! 



This incompetent Sheriff down there (Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik), he is trying to point blame at the media, well how about his incompetence?  There were prior threats, and even vandalism, so what if any protection or security did this fool offer?  I bet NONE is the answer, why?  Well he opposed the SB 1070 immigration bill in AZ, and this congresswoman (Correction, she did not support SB 1070, but does support tighter border security (walking both sides like politician…))  Yep, you heard that right.  This “Sherriff” is a PARTISAN, who did not agree with even the congresswoman’s views on all issues.  He even vowed to NOT ENFORCE THE LAW (SB 1070)!

Why that is not automatically grounds to remove him, I don’t know, but as he tries to point the finger at everyone else, keep in mind he has some very questionable motives himself, and if he knew of a threat, and did not do anything to provide security, what does that say?




He even previously associated the Tea Party as bigots, with no proof of course.  He is a Democrat of course, likely far left of Giffords, who was a rare and endangered “blue dog” Democrat.


It is all about power and politics to some, they are already working up more ineffective gun control measures, hoping to use emotion to push for more power grabs that only restrict the non-violent legal gun owners.  None of this will affect lunatic madmen, who don’t care about the laws!  We can’t stop them from getting illegal drugs, guns are no different.  Criminals will always get them, legal or not.


And many knew he was disturbed, but nothing was done, a repeat pattern:


Leftwing British paper aims to openly blame the tea party for what one of their radicals did, but again, exactly as predicted, they aim to USE this as a crisis of opportunity to silence legitimate political debate and discussion:


Another source confirming the Daily Kos scrubbed dead comment.  While trying to cover their own tracks they attack others for much less offense actions.


“Left-wing Pothead” (NOT A TEA PARTY, or Jesse Kelly supporter):


Not only is the Pima County Sheriff an incompetent, blind partisan, it appears he is a liar.  He is just making stuff up, and declaring it as truth, when he does not know the truth, all to get more power and jurisdiction and media time.  This man is a disgrace:


The LEFT will use any event for political gain, this one they will try to use to grab guns and silence free speech of their opponents, when it was THEIR speech that motivated this nut:


And this from McDermott, a man who in normal times would have been tried and convicted of treason for his aiding and abetting an enemy of the USA:


Then there is his gentle and kind speech calling for the impeachment of GW Bush:


Oh, and that is right, Baghdad Jim is also a confirmed law breaker himself, caught in illegal wiretapping of the GOP leadership! 


This traitorous scoundrel has no authority to judge decency from anyone, he has never been one to display any himself, figures he is from communist Seattle, where he doesn’t even get an opponent in his perpetual re-elections.

 Then, I just found this on a progressive left site, view it quick before they take it down, It is “Mr. Civil” McDermott standing with an anti-Bush protester having “Terrorist” across GW Bush’s face!  Yes, let’s hear it from “Mr. Civil”…  Hypocrite is not strong enough to describe this disgrace, and no amount of profanity would work either:


Oh, and hear is a great quote from McDermott: “One of the dilemmas we’ve had since 9/11 is that this country has been continuously terrorized by the government,” McDermott said. “Every week they announce a new threat. ‘Today is a code orange.’ ‘Today is a code red.’ “

No, that is not inciting anti-government activity or violence, no only when it is anything said from the Tea Party….  BS!  I can’t believe this blatant traitor remains in Congress…

One more quote from this traitor:

“People that I trust say if we don’t derail this coup that is going on, we are going to wind up with a government run by the president of the United States and all the rest of us will be standing around just watching it happen.”

So, how is this different from those that question Obama?  Well, those in the Tea Party, and even Beck actually pray FOR Obama to have wisdom, and for his safety. As we have seen here, his side is full of violent radicals.  If they don’t think he is left enough, like Congresswomen Giffords, then he is at great danger, but not from the Tea Party, from the same radicals he used to gain office, same with McDermott, but he is so far left I doubt any real danger exists for him… The Loughner’s of the world are likely of one mind with McDermott!

More civil discussion from this national embarrassment, and his supposedly civil and kind discussion, from his own YouTube channel (calling the Tea Party Teabaggers):



Back to psycho killer Loughner:  This is NOT the profile of the Tea Party, but fits the radical hate GW Bush left wing:



My instinct was correct, this despicable sheriff down there is covering for his negligence in this, he KNEW this guy was dangerous and this was not the first warning sign:



(this one is going to be a saga, sorry, but it needs to be analyzed, what the left is trying to do here is truly despicable, it cannot be permitted to stand, they must be completely exposed for being the disgusting opportunists and liars that they are!)

As if you needed more proof he is not only NOT a Tea Party type…  He had a occult like shrine, loved animals, lived with his parents,  hmm like a typical radical left wing blogger…  Oh, but many knew he was unstable, and yet the warning signs were ignored…


He targeted long before Sarah Palin was even a national figure, the shameless despicable left wing politicians show their true stripes trying to take advantage of a true tragedy, but not new, recall the Paul Wellstone funeral, or how they took occasion to blast President Bush at the Coretta Scott King funeral.

It is the LEFT that is well versed in despicable “any means” evil tactics and it is one of their followers that committed this mass murder.


Desperate Left wing progressive/liberal/commies, whatever the term de jour, they make up a FAKE voter ID trying to claim this whacko is a Republican.  These people are despicable:


Crisis of opportunity, Leftist congressman calling for restrictions on free speech, on account of nonthreatening of course, well he has a picture in boxing gloves as the first image on his website!   Yep, only the LEFT is permitted to be violent.  That is what they are attempting to do here:


Ahh, the High School of the killer, it followed a curriculum of Bill Ayers, yep, the guy on the street according to Obama, yes the Domestic TERRORIST on the street.


Disgusting Democrat group uses this tragedy to conduct fundraising for their progressive agenda:


If that is not sick enough, the Democrats PLOTTED to spin this for political gain, IMMEDIATELY.  It was the first thing on their mind, disgusting:


In the madman’s own words, clearly as far removed from the Tea Party as you can get. This nut is a left wing radical, anti-god basket case:


Here is a good analysis, why are we not having a discussion about what it should take to commit mentally ill people to supervised care?  This deranged lunatic was clearly a candidate, but yet he roamed the streets free to commit this heinous act!  His teachers and fellow students were afraid of him!  So much he was expelled from school!   What about his parents?  He was living with them; at what point should they have sought or demanded help for a seriously disturbed individual?  You see, today the left and its non-judgmental anything goes attitude has corrupted the system so much, we can’t even put the deranged lunatics into needed care when we should!  I’m sure his parents felt helpless, likely also indoctrinated into non intervention, non judgmental politically correct BS.



I knew it! The idiot Sheriff, this Dupnik guy, he is hiding something.  He won’t release reports on prior police contact with this deranged killer, why not?


Plenty of warning signs, all ignored.  Even a traffic stop on the day of the attack!



7 Responses to “Jared Lee Loughner: He is left wing radical progressive type FREAK, now we can add cold blooded murderer to that description. The media will try every angle to make him look like a right wing radical, but that will all be a LIE.”

  1. Dave D. said

    Good thing Loughner was turned down by the Army or we would see further denigration of our military by the mainstream media and liberal.

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