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Think my predictions are crazy? Well, I would too, but they keep coming true. Some seek to destroy the family, and it is happening!

Posted by mrfixit on January 7, 2011

Well, I’ve noted that the destruction of the traditional family is a goal of the collectivist lefties, and in that agenda the concept of mother, father, child well even that must be destroyed!

I know you just don’t want to believe people can have such ideas and the pure evil to FORCE this into the mainstream, and to create the conditions that destroy more and more families, but that IS exactly what is happening!
Want proof, the US Department of state is going to REMOVE the “Mother” and “Father” descriptions for parents!  Now, last time I checked, even with modern medicine, we still need a male and female in some kind of capacity to produce a child, and as such ALL must still have one of each, even if they don’t participate!

Is it really so much to ask to fill out such forms, and if not known, they could put UNKNOWN, and who is to say Parent 1 and Parent 2 will work in all alternative families, why not 3, 4 or more “parents”  who are we to define where this should end? – There is no need to change the form.  This is outrageous!


OK, so the left-wing progressive will cry out that this does nothing to harm families, and on the surface that seems to be the case, but what is the real agenda?  This by itself is not the issue, the issue is the bit by bit, piece by piece efforts that seed to literally redefine normal, or even family.  The summation of these efforts when combined is in fact doing great harm.  Children are raised in a confused state, and that is the plan, it is all about the children. One side seeks to indoctrinate and control them, even if it is against their own parents, and this is nothing new.  It has been going all forever, but recently become more prevalent and acceptable.


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