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The left disrupts free speech; they only support free speech when they have a monopoly!

Posted by mrfixit on January 5, 2011

When you deal with irrational “any means” radicals you can’t have an orderly discussion, they won’t permit it.

They simply talk over the opponents, disrupt others who are speaking or get violent if needed.  They simply have the view of self appointed superiority and they are not open to debate and discussion, they can’t permit it, because theirs is a world of lies.  Their ideas have never worked and will never work, they defy basic human nature.  Re-distribution always fails!  Even left wing hero Saul Alinsky admits this!  So that tells you they are all about POWER, not some noble cause, and as such they want the power to silence any opposition, hmm, like each and every communist country that outlaws and imprisons political opponents!

Here is a press conference disrupted by a left wing radical, here ABC pulled the original video, so the Blaze had to dig up video from a lefty site, likely the group that orchestrated this, but how long till they also pull the video?  Perhaps they are proud of this display, but this is just the beginning, they will be doing much more of this.



2 Responses to “The left disrupts free speech; they only support free speech when they have a monopoly!”

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