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Government is coming after your money…

Posted by mrfixit on January 5, 2011

When they refuse to control spending, and cost of Government keeps going up faster than your pay, and faster than inflation, well it WILL make your poorer, there is no other option.

You will pay, one way or another.  So the next time you see a vote for increased taxes of any kind, look at the rate of increase and if this is more than the rate of increase in average pay, and more than inflation you MUST vote no, no matter how much they pull at your emotions about it being for the children.  Reality is they are screwing the children by spending them into oblivion with debt that will enslave those children with crippling taxes to pay the enormous debts we are racking up today.

Here are some local examples:

Business property taxes go up, (oh and despite declining home values, the homeowners are still seeing higher taxes based on voter approved increases, from 26% to 43% mostly for local schools!)


Then an out of control, power mad local prosecutor who refuses to limit his budget and pay, well he in instead goes after more revenue in traffic court, making your police into tax collectors!  And targeting more of the lower income folks who spend more time on the roads at the same time!


You pay fuel taxes for roads, but they allow them to be congested so they can charge you even MORE with HOT lanes:



In IL a 75% increase in taxes is seriously being considered:



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