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Communism is incompatible with the US Constitution

Posted by mrfixit on January 5, 2011

At some point we need to regain the intestinal fortitude to call an enemy and enemy.

That does not mean round up communists and put them in prison camps, no, that is what communists do! 

We cannot become them, and we can’t continue to assume people can be loyal to two opposing agendas at the same time.

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People can be free to choose communism in the USA, but they cannot make that choice and still honestly swear an oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the Untied States of America.

The US constitution sets up a government with LIMITED power, based on the principle of unalienable rights granted to individuals from a creator.  This concept is incompatible with communism- INCOMPATIBLE.  These concepts cannot mix.

It is time that the defenders of the US Constitution PURGE those in our government that are not honoring the Oath of Office, and that is a considerable number of people.   We should use the legal process to do this, and it will take courage and conviction, and genuine understanding and knowledge to get this done.  It will require a renewal in the true history of this nation’s founding principles by a majority of Americans, yes that is a tall order, but it is a must.  We MUST embark on this mission if we are to protect freedom and opportunity for our children. 


Let me give some specifics.  For starters the majority of your government and military have limited understanding and knowledge of the US Constitution they swore to defend.  Yes, that seems harsh, but it is accurate.  Despite the required Constitution Day training that was mandated, I have found very few in government that even know about this mandate or the training.  I actually found it by accident!

Our military rarely talks about the Constitution, and they also are to defend it!

In our schools they might talk about the frame work of government, the number of members of Congress and such, but almost never is there a discussion of the Declaration of Independence and the concept of unalienable rights granted by a creator, in fact most schools would even censor that part of the declaration out, as has been done in many text books!

We even have major media personalities upset at the renewed interest in the actual Constitution!  Yes, there are those that don’t care about the Constitution, and they are not too concealed about it these days!


We even have the left openly telling us we should not so respect and adhere to the Constitution!  Then why take and oath to uphold and defend?  Then HOW can your individual rights be protected and respected by a powerful government, if not restrained by the Bill of Rights?  They even suggest a complete replacement, well what parts do they want to change, and what would it look like?  Not a individual unalienable rights based system, it would look more like Communism, because that is what those who write and read Salon.com most closely follow…


So, this leaves us with far too many amongst us unable to know why Communism, or whatever they want to call it now, progressive etc. is incompatible with service in this nation’s government.  Sure they can be free to have such views as citizens, but not as people under oath to protect the US Constitution.  Communists in government are traitors to the US Constitution.  They are subversives to your individual rights and freedom.  They are enemies of the US Constitution and cannot be trusted in any government office or position. 

Communism destroys the concept of the individual, and the idea of unalienable rights.  Communism creates a system of everything is a right, but everything then is also an obligation!  That second part defines tyranny.  It is NOT compatible with the US Constitution, and it is far past time we start purging the traitors in our midst.  They can be free as private citizens to hold their views, but not as people in power subverting the Constitution they are supposed to protect.

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