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Press complies, as usual. Obama does not make the shirtless appearances, as he did in 2008, the party line is the beach is not safe, but is that the real story?

Posted by mrfixit on January 4, 2011

No, I’d say the real story is that Obama is rail thin, he has lost weight, and not the media is trying to attribute this to skipping meals.  He did not make a repeat shirtless beach appearance because it would be embarrassing and it would demand questions he’d not want to answer.

Look at the recent photo from the HI vacation:



Ok, well he is the president; he has on call chefs and can have the finest meals at any hour of the day or night, even if he skips one meal here and there, so I’m not inclined to buy that spin.

But, I do know that unlike his predecessor, and even McCain, his medical records have never been released, much like most of his official records.  We simply have very little verifiable data on this guy.

Well, let me speculate, weight loss, hmm, what kind of medical condition that you’d want kept private, what kind of condition would cause this?

Oh, and it is one that would explain your unwillingness to quit smoking, or your sneaking high fat foods at every opportunity over the phony objections of your spouse, and it would also explain the many vacations and many golf outings.

If you were of a condition of suffering that might shorten your life, why worry about such things?

Well, there is one condition that fits all the above: HIV/AIDS.  Nope, no proof, but with a guy who so elusive, secretive and habitually lying to us, just about anything is possible.

Here is the WebMd list of symptoms; and weight loss is right near the top of the list:


And it would not be the first time a sick President sought to hide his sickness from the public, FDR comes to mind, and then there was Wilson, who literally was incapacitated for over a year and it was kept private and away from the public, we now know it was likely his unelected wife that was really in charge at that time.  So it is not beyond the realm of possibility for a US President to conceal a major health issue and even work to create a purely fictitious image to the contrary.


Well some radical media outlet is not following the party line (they say stomach parasites?):


Well, it is possible, but the symptoms don’t match, this usually resolves in about 3-4 weeks, and it has been much longer than that since his weight loss has been noted, so I’m not finding this particularly credible, it is COVER for something else perhaps?

But if it is true, then consider this: “Immunocompromised persons may become seriously ill and even die from this disease. The illness is relatively uncommon in Hawai’I”

What might cause” Immunocompromised”… well maybe my guess is very close to true…. 


Then I found this: “How Can One Contract Parasites?

Parasites are shed in human or animal stool; a source of an infection in poor countries is usually stool-contaminated food or water, and in industrialized countries, recreational water (lakes, pools) or homosexual men”




One Response to “Press complies, as usual. Obama does not make the shirtless appearances, as he did in 2008, the party line is the beach is not safe, but is that the real story?”

  1. Dave D. said

    He is actually looking anorexic.

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