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Outlaw Public sector unions, again.

Posted by mrfixit on January 4, 2011

Even FDR knew the combination of unions, government workers and politicians would create a corrupt, and self-financing cabal that would lead to putting the government, and politicians against the people.  As such even progressive pro-union FDR opposed public sector unions.



So how and when did we get them? 

Well that would be JFK, and by EXECUTIVE order for federal workers, then it spread from there.

That brings us to today, and what we have recently seen in NY City with workers intentionally being negligent on the job, which actually cased at least two deaths!

Well, this analysis explains that this is something we might be seeing a lot more often, so brace for it:


I say it is time to recent the Executive order and to again outlaw the combination of unions and government, which become a money recycling system from government to government at the expense of the diminishing tax payer base who ends up with less and less say in the process.

Here is perspective from an anti-government sector union, Democrat, yes there is at least one who will say it!



Detroit faces choice, screw the public and close half of the schools and have classes size of 62, or screw the unsustainable Union contracts.  They lean toward screwing the public and the children, of course!



Finally a leader with the courage to do what MUST be done, and look at the organized effort to stop it. 

They are even outside the HOMES of legislators, a very real and very typical threatening thug tactic.


Pray for the Governor and courageous legislators in Wisconsin to prevail and save their state, and for their security, they union thugs are out to get them.


Even in Left leaning New York, the people do NOT support rules demanded and put in place by UNIONS!

Yep, in large numbers the people disagree with the last in first out system, and prefer a PERFORMANCE based system!



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