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Obamacare: it is as socialism is to communism, a mere stepping stone to total government run medical industry.

Posted by mrfixit on January 4, 2011

I could go on for pages, but to be succinct, the Obamacare plan is a transitional phase toward a UK like monopoly government run healthcare nightmare.

So, for one of many examples to come, here the construction of Doctor owned hospitals is an early casualty of this travesty:


This is just amazing, Nancy Pelosi declares repeal to be violent!  Oh, and we needed the government takeover, no matter how much we liked our healthcare, it was what is best for us little people (but not the legislators that forced it upon us, they are exempt!).

I know it is bad in San Francisco, but to keep electing this woman, it must be completely brainless, or the voters are no longer relevant there, perhaps the vote counters ensure such dangerous people are maintained in political office..



Want insight into Government Monopoly Healthcare?  Look no further than the DMV, and here is an example in CA were it is taking MONTHS to get renewed licenses:


And this is UK, Fat man sues the Government because they did not stop him getting fat!  (But they did grant him the care to lose weight, and even that is questionable).



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