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If you have not been shocked to awaken to the very real possibility of Abuse from our own “protectors” you need to watch this…

Posted by mrfixit on January 4, 2011

In light of all the recent bold faced lies, the TSA naked scanners that don’t retain images, but do, the supposed need for security, but the complete lapses that are routine, the unidentified missile like trail off the CA coast that was quickly announced as “unknown, but definitely not a missile”.

As one who has been around government for years, I’m reluctant to buy into conspiracy, typically I’d doubt the level of competence to keep such things under wrap, but in recent events it has become very clear how compliant the media has become, and the free flow of information is not what we think it is, information is very much controlled and the images are very much spun and distorted to mislead the public.  I was in College when Waco happened, my limited exposure to the news at the time portrayed the siege as a bunch of militant Whackos that abused children and held some odd religious views.  It seemed, as I saw it then, that perhaps there were mistakes made, but that in the end the crazies mostly sealed their own fate.

Well, that is conveniently EXACTLY the view those in charge WANTED us to have.  It was the success of the propaganda.

In this documentary there is original footage of testimony, survivors, FLIR imaging, including expert analysis, but two separate reviews.  

This is pretty convincing that this whole thing was in fact a very real and very serious over reach of brutal use of force against peaceful civilians.  It is clear the aggressors were our supposed protectors!

I don’t know how one can come to another conclusion after watching this, and scary that one of the big lies in this is told by a guy who is now VP!  Some of the same thugs in all of this are also still in office!

Folks, I hate to think of the implications of this, but clearly this film has been pretty well obscured and kept out of wide circulation.  I just happened to catch it on the obscure DOC channel, and was drawn to watch it. 

If you have not seen it, try this link (it is long, but it is worth your time):


Don’t forget that we did violate the Constitutional rights of Americans in both WW I and WW 2 by interning citizens without any evidence of any crime, and for years in many cases.  Don’t forget that our protectors are not somehow exempt from ever becoming abusive… Let us hope the clear majority HONOR the Oath of Office to uphold and protect the Constitution, and by so doing always respect the individual rights of each and every citizen.


One Response to “If you have not been shocked to awaken to the very real possibility of Abuse from our own “protectors” you need to watch this…”

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