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The Vacation President! – Obama… So who is really in charge?

Posted by mrfixit on January 2, 2011

This guy spends so much time vacationing, but does not have time for the families of fallen soldiers, oh, that is right there are so many more now that he has wrecked the efforts in Afghanistan with near suicidal rules of engagement.

Well, if so much damage has happened and he has been out almost 50% of the time, who is doing the work?  Who is REALLY in charge?  This guy appears to be nothing more than an actor playing President, someone else in driving the agenda, who is that? 

Whoever it is, we did not elect that person, and it is clear they don’t really care what the citizens think, since so much has been done against the wishes of the American people!



WE all must sacrifice in tough times, global warming etc. 

But not the guy demanding YOUR sacrifices, for him it is all luxury, all the time at YOUR expense:


No, I’m not against all perks of the office, but THIS guy is demanding you to accept less, to live with less, to have a smaller carbon footprint, to distribute more of your money to others who did nothing to earn it, to “spread wealth around” but he makes NO sacrifices at all, actually quite the opposite. This is why this is relevant and an outrage.


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