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Why do we only hear about Hate crimes when they are against certain “minority” groups? How about a 300 to 2 situation, the minority was victim, but most of the media is silent, and this is not new…

Posted by mrfixit on December 30, 2010

Here is a recent story where a Marine and his Wife were attacked by a mob of 300 outside a theater.  The attack was brutal; the wife was knocked out in the beating.


The blaze did pick up on it, but did not mention some obvious details on this:


And Fox picked it up also, again missing relevant details about the mob:


Why did no  one mention that this appears to be a hate crime?  What was the composition of the mob?  If all of one race, with victims of another race, well would that not get the ire of the frauds Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton if the victims were of a special protected “minority”?  You know it would, but here this story will blow over with almost no notice like so many other similar stories before it.

Let me give some examples:

Here is one, note the date, just around the 2008 election, bet you did not hear about this “hate” crime:


(A Marine and his wife killed by other marines, well there is a racial element to this, and the perpetrators apparently did not appreciate the interracial marriage of their boss, and what they did was pure evil – even this story misses the obvious racial element to this, the perpetrators all of one race (protected minority) , there was torture and rape in addition to burglary, that also not mentioned in this one).

You have to go to another blog site to find the details that there was racial motivation to this heinous crime, the mainstream media silent on this element, but I can assure you if the perpetrators were white this would be a story everyone would know be now!


Out of the blog I did find a link where the NY Daily news picked up on the racist motivation, about 6 months after the fact…


Here is a post that analyzes the FBI data, suggests the conventional wisdom is backwards:


Then there is this report showing the large disparity in reporting on racial crimes when whites are victims (well they are not even considered hate crimes!):


I could go on, but you get the point.  I will add more as they come up.


3 Responses to “Why do we only hear about Hate crimes when they are against certain “minority” groups? How about a 300 to 2 situation, the minority was victim, but most of the media is silent, and this is not new…”

  1. Dave D. said

    When I read the story of the following I know that there will not be a movement to charge blacks with hate crimes. Hate crime laws are only used against a selected class of people. Whites. As long as there are Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons around to rile up blacks over supposed hate crimes we will not see the hate crime laws benefiting anyone but blacks, homosexuals and muslims.



  2. Dave D. said

    Interesting statistics:


    Prejudice in hate crime charges:


  3. walkerny said

    Political Correctness Rules. How about the Tinley Park / Lane Bryant murders? Or even the Black College Students slaughtered by illegal alien Hispanics in Newark? Only killings BY WHITES makes national news.

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