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Drill Instructor from movie “Full Metal Jacket” says what needs to be said, and listen to the crowd at the USO even CHEER him when he says it! People are waking up, and they need to…

Posted by mrfixit on December 29, 2010

Blame for the abysmal economy placed where it belongs, and here is a man not afraid to say what is true.  No need to add much to this, the 3 minute video is worth watching!



If they can make the Gunny back down, well who is going to say what needs to be said?

Will we ever know what kind of pressure was brought to bear to bring about this apology?

There was no need for it, the crowd cheered his comments, and they know he was spot on.  Now when did we lose the right to speak the truth when the truth is our President is quite likely the most dangerous person to the survival of the USA as a nation?  Well, he is.  His policies are going to break us if not stopped, and if we can’t even call it as it is, out of PC culture, then is there any chance of stopping this train wreck?


But, hey there is some good news, if the Gunny backed down, the UFC fighting champ just stepped up to declare some sense needs to be knocked into the man that is destroying America:


I wonder if he’ll be made to apologize, and no, I don’t think his comment is literal, he is angered by laws and policies that are damaging his and many others businesses and livelihoods, he has a right to be upset and to speak his mind.


The secret service investigated the fight comment! 

Whoa, did they investigate the Gunny also?

Well, if this is not an attempt to silence free speech, what is?  The good side is the secret service appears to be doing the right thing, and considering the matter closed.  I have to think they are seeing a sharp contrast from the way GW Bush treated them, Oh, I don’t recall the secret service paying visits to the left wing kooks that wrote books and made movies about how to assassinate Bush…  I don’t think they were being used at that point for intimidation to silence speech, as now seems to be the case.


Now his employer, a High School is attempting to silence him, so much for free speech:



One Response to “Drill Instructor from movie “Full Metal Jacket” says what needs to be said, and listen to the crowd at the USO even CHEER him when he says it! People are waking up, and they need to…”

  1. Dave D. said

    Good thing he is retired, otherwise obama would have him fired and all benefits disallowed. It’s the obama way.

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